McDonald’s Japan to launch a curious line of perfumes

There are many transnational companies have a presence around the world and among them is McDonald’s Japan. A very peculiar case, because thanks to the country and its culture is that it has developed differently from the rest of the franchises, surprising us every time with items made for their public and sometimes makes us wish they were also available for the rest, although perhaps this is not the occasion.

McDonald’s Japan inspires perfumes

Mcdonalds Japan Perfumes

It is clear that each company will do its best to continue capturing the public in its own way and the Japanese franchise has done it very well, with a lot of products that are different from the rest, with a great variety that takes advantage of the country’s ingredients. In addition to including collaborations with the world’s most recognized franchises such as Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Spy x Family and the latest so far with Nintendo’s video game, Kirby.

Of course, in all this is their well-planned marketing, as let’s remember that lately McDonald’s Japan has launched a series of anime-style animated shorts in which different subjects are observed enjoying the menu. Needless to say that it became very viral in networks because it became a trend, so much so that its waifus did not escape from being “defiled” in daring fan arts.

The fast food chain never ceases to surprise us with every launch it makes, and although sometimes these are not to everyone’s liking, there are those who do everything to get them, although we are not so sure on this occasion. Well, through its Twitter account it has announced its next line of products made up of perfumes, something they do not do and that is why many are so surprised.

Mcdonalds Japon

You may wonder how this is possible when you do not find a clear relationship between what they usually sell and this type of personal care product, although this may no longer be a surprise to some. Well, the McDonald’s Japan inspired perfumes will be available for a limited time and some of the fragrances are: classic McFries, black pepper, seaweed salt, plum, among others. Each fragrance will have a special design, with the classic red with yellow and “Shaka Shaka” potato pack.

The latter potatoes are exclusive to McDonald’s Japan and are so named because when shaken and combined with other ingredients they sound that way. Apparently this is not a joke, as the account has previously shared information that is later confirmed, but this does not mean that Internet users will stop commenting that they still can not believe it and that we will have to wait when they actually go on sale and check if it is completely true.

For now the post is all we have of this peculiar of the next line of products from McDonald’s Japan, there are still no more details of the perfumes as the date of sale or the price of each one. So you know, if you want to smell like french fries or some other condiment, you’ll have to wait for them to be released and maybe you’ll find them some time later for sale online as one of those rare collectible products. Tell us, do you think this is a joke?

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