Maruchan releases new promo with Nino and Satoru Gojo

Maruchan is a giant in the food industry and to say that we have all eaten this food at one time or another is not far-fetched. But advertising in Asian regions is on another level, because they got two iconic voices like Gojo (Yuichi Nakamura) and Nino Nakano (Ayana Take) to dub a promotional video for their new ZUBAAAN instant ramen.

What can I say that no one does not know, Maruchan has constantly evolved to appeal to both the Western and Asian market and the latter, always seeks to establish itself with anime collaborations and reach an audience that grows and grew up with this entertainment.


The latter is very well reflected in their promotional video, where two guys stay after class to prepare ramen at their university, reminding us that small moments can become unforgettable, yes, there is some amorous tension between those involved, encouraging a little bit of romance.

In addition to Maruchan’s promotional video, the animation is perfect to make you crave for this ramen, which is the main point of the video, they also want to reflect the connection between close people, where without saying anything and just with an exchange of glances and some gestures, you can communicate freely.

Being sincere Maruchan and many compendiums and franchises to achieve empathize with the current generations, their strategy of communing with anime and bring so emblematic voices is a wise decision and accompanied with a very good animation, you only provoke the desired approach to the brand.

Gojo’s voice is featured in Maruchan’s new promo.


Maruchan is so convinced of the aforementioned strategy, that they brought such iconic voices as Yuichi Nakamura, who is the voice of Satoru Gojo, Andy (undead unluck) and even Buddha in the fights of Record of Ragnarok.

And of course the beautiful Ayana Take, who has surprised us with Kei from Classroom of elite, Nino from the quintuplets, Leafa from Sword Art Online and Azusa from K-on!, so no expense was spared in animation and obviously not in dubbing.

We have to say that Maruchan, always seeks to innovate to different audiences and even continents, keeping the important thing of its brand, which is the flavor of its products and managing to merge it with good promotions that encourage the public to eat it as a family, couple or with friends.

To conclude, this Maruchan promotional video will have a second part and may tell us the end of this love story or just remain as friends, the broadcast date will be next Monday, January 22, so stay tuned on social networks.


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