Manga wins territory in the fight against comics

Manga is one of the Japanese cultural expressions with a great history and tradition that goes back to past times as another example of the ancient civilization to preserve its existence and stories. Being that thanks to the works that were transformed over the years, is that today we come to what we know as manga. This is a format that has taken great relevance when it comes to comics and for years have been preferred before the American comics, so it has been discussed among fans the reasons why manga is surpassing the comic.

Fans prefer manga to comics


Among the most famous creations in terms of reading, we can find that comics are among the most popular among readers. What makes this type of stories novel is their format, which is usually accompanied by original art that illustrates them, that is why we can find a great variety of formats in the market and without a doubt, as are the western comics and Japanese manga, each format has its base of followers; this is why some fans have shown the relevance that Japanese art has had against the comic.

Whenever comics are mentioned, the two giants that have shaped the industry for decades, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, immediately come to mind. On the other hand, on the manga side, although it is possible to mention outstanding titles and authors, it cannot be reduced to a single idea, since there is an immense offer for all ages and interests, and this is one of the most attractive points by which manga has come to surpass comics.

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And the fact is that manga has not only managed to surpass comics in sales, it has also positioned itself as the favorite format of many readers in a strong cultural influence. Although the comic book has had a clear expansion with action figures of its characters and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), this has not managed to have the impact that manga has lately, and although many are fans of both industries, each has particular characteristics for which they are preferred.

Of course, shonen is one of the favorites of manga, but we cannot leave aside other stories outside this genre that have also become favorites such as the seinen “Oshi no Ko” and “Sousou no Frieren” of fantastic adventure. And what can we say about titles such as: “Demon Slayer“, “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “My Hero Academia“, which in the West have a tremendous success and have managed to reach sales numbers that position them in the main list of bestsellers.

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We cannot forget that anime is also an important factor driving manga. According to Publishers Weekly, manga will account for almost 50% of the total number of comics sold by 2022, making it a more accessible and appealing format, reflected in availability. Manga commonly contains between 150 to 200 pages in each volume and has a value of around 10 dollars, in addition to the fact that you can now find them in various points of sale and that, compared to comics, they have fewer pages and the price is almost the same.

What is also valued about manga is the fact that they regularly present a linear story that is not as difficult to understand as sometimes the comic shows its convoluted universe that can be confusing to those who approach these comics for the first time. And as we already mentioned, since its inception, manga has presented a vast universe of genres that offers for anyone who comes to read this format; so it is not necessary to force the creation of stories that focus on a certain audience as comics could propose to expand. Finally, manga continues to exceed expectations, sales and accumulate more readers than comics.

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