Manga romcoms are moving away from creating princesses today

For some time now, manga that focus on romcom content have had an extremely important change that left fans happier than usual and that is that before the climax for these stories was the long-awaited kiss scene between the protagonists and there came to end the story, but lately the manga that are published come to overcome this level with other types of scenes and continue the story, managing to show more of the life of our favorite characters.

The romcom takes romance to a new level

A very clear example that occurred in recent weeks was with the manga Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out! in which thousands of fans had the opportunity to see one of the most anticipated scenes, the main characters doing the delicious. Although the scene is not shown as such in the manga, the fact of knowing that they advanced even further in their relationship, managed to recover thousands of fans who had stopped watching the story for some reason.

Another very popular romcom that became a trend was Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san, in which we could see that after many chapters, the protagonists finally confessed their feelings and became a couple. But leaving aside the confession, maybe in the near future we will see a spicy scene between the protagonists, as seen in the last chapter of the manga and taking into account the author’s past, so this idea could not be ruled out.


Even in The Dangers in My Heart, since they became sweethearts the protagonists have gone through many things in their relationship, from hints by the author in the hope that the delicious will happen, to this kind of scene that moves the hearts of the fans and shows us the beautiful relationship that the protagonists enjoy and how they manage to take advantage of every moment to show their love.

Even one of those that caught the attention years ago was Kaguya-sama: Love Is War because in a moment that no one expected in the manga, the protagonists spent the night together and in this moment they managed to deepen their relationship even more than what they had been handling in the story. This made the plot even more exciting and there was a positive personality change in the characters that served to give them a deeper development in the story.

Kaguya Sama

Undoubtedly in recent years there has been a change in the stories of romcoms that has managed to leave a precedent for more authors to go beyond a simple confession and leave the kiss so expected by the main characters to the last, so they seek to explore as much as possible this type of romcoms to give a deeper meaning to the story and that the public can enjoy it more. In the meantime, we must wait for the current romcoms to continue to evolve, and maybe even in the following weeks something very interesting will happen in one of these stories.