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Manga Plus adds new method to support artists

The Manga Plus application has been characterized in recent years as a convenient option for users to read manga in a legal way in this part of the world, without falling into piracy and lately has been increasing its catalog to attract more popular titles to users. However, there was always the doubt of how authors would be supported if you can read the titles for free, but now it has added a new option to support them, being that many people will benefit from this feature.

Manga Plus supports manga creators with a new option

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If you have seen lately any title such as Spy x Family, Oshi no Ko, among others, in Manga Plus, you may have noticed that at the end of the chapter, there is an option that says support a creator, which is to see a simple random ad and all profits generated would go directly to the author of the manga. Definitely a way that you feel like you are actually supporting the creator and without compromising too much of the reading with a simple short ad.

This was implemented to celebrate the 30 million downloads of the application, which comes to reflect the popularity and support Manga Plus has from users. Being an application that allows you to watch manga for free and leaving aside the option to subscribe, many would choose to read their favorite manga legally and almost simultaneously with its release in Japanese. It will also serve to measure the popularity of this option among users to see whether to implement it in the future, which would be a great support and an extra gain for manga authors.


This feature will be available until July 31 of this year, so we will have approximately two months to try this new feature offered by Manga Plus to support the authors. So if you want to try it, go to read your favorite manga and at the end press “Support the creator” but remember that you have 10 attempts per day, so choose well which author you are going to support.

Since it is an option with which to support authors and something that is not so intrusive this method of support, possibly it will be implemented in the future as a permanent support method for the application. So let’s hope that it will be very well received in this period that this function will be available, so that the authors manage to benefit from it and thus show them the immense support that the public has for the extraordinary works that entertain millions of people.

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