Makima from Chainsaw Man will hypnotize you with her beauty in this cosplay

Chainsaw Man was one of the most anticipated projects for its anime adaptation that premiered in the fall-winter season of 2022. This work, as it progresses, the plot becomes darker, depressing and full of action. It is one of those stories where you don’t want to get attached to any character because sooner or later that character will be killed. One of the most controversial characters is Makima, the one responsible for many of these incidents and a very strong and intelligent girl. In the following cosplay you can better appreciate why fans love her in spite of everything.

Makima from Chainsaw Man shows off her dominating beauty in spectacular cosplay


This powerful cosplay was made by cosplayer nellmew and shared through her Instagram account. This cosplay consists of the classic Makima outfit, i.e. a white blouse, tight black pants, and a black tie. It might seem that this cosplay is quite simple, however the special touches which define that this is Makima from the Chainsaw Man franchise are her characteristic eyes and her long red hair tied up in a braid.

The cosplayer mentions that Makima from Chainsaw Man was the cosplay of the month, and promises that she has another version with which she will delight us later. Her followers express in the comments that they are anxious for nellmew to publish the continuation of this cosplay of the strong redhead. This was definitely another case of a well-executed cosplay, capturing the dark and dominant essence of Makima.

The quality of her accessories is noticeable. It is very important to always choose a good wig with plenty of hair, contact lenses that are comfortable to wear and with good impression. All this is what we can see in the version of Makima, Chainsaw Man character by nellmew. Although the photographs of this cosplay do not have an elaborate scenery or added with editing programs, it is that quiet and lonely background where we can see a door manages to transmit auras of suspense.


Makima from Chainsaw Man is one of the most powerful characters in this work. She was part of the group of Demon Hunters of Public Security, where she has a very high rank and great power of influence. Her incredible and feared power allows her to control people she considers inferior, which is why in much of the story we see that she treats Denji as a human pet. The reason for her power is quite shocking, as she turns out to be the terrifying Demon of Control.

This work called Chainsaw Man is one of those stories that go from bad to worse, where the story never seems to get better and where the protagonist can’t even have a few minutes of peace because a traumatizing event comes along right away. Despite the chaos in the plot, we are introduced to several waifus that we do get to like and who also enjoy an undeniable beauty such as Power, Kobeni, Reze and Himeno, just to mention a few.

Chainsaw Man premiered its anime with an opening that was one of the most viral and popular, a factor that also helped more and more people to get to know this story. Its popularity was so evident that we are currently waiting for the premiere of its movie. You can learn all the details about its adaptation to the big screen in this article. Don’t forget to leave in the comments section what you thought of the cosplay this time and if you are also anxious for the arrival of his movie.