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Lucky Star seiyuus reunite to celebrate 20th Anniversary

Since last year, preparations have been underway to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Lucky Star. It’s been two decades since the manga began its publication and like many other stories that received an animated adaptation, it is remembered by many with great affection for being a slice of life fun and entertaining to watch thanks to the cute girls who are part of it.

Lucky Star commemorates its 20th anniversary

Lucky Star Seiyuus 20 Aniv 4

Remembering this story where the young Konata Izumi, is shown as someone lazy who prefers to avoid her homework to play video games, watch anime and read manga, what any boy her age would do. A few months ago a collaboration with the Japanese lottery Kujibikido was announced to celebrate its 20th anniversary, where they had incredible prizes for fans.

And that’s not all, because the anniversary celebration continues, and this time they did it as those 20 years deserve. For this, a very special event took place where, after a long time, the main cast of seiyuus gathered to celebrate Lucky Star, something that made the fans very excited to see them together again.

Let’s remember the seiyuus who brought the four main girls to life:

  • Aya Hirano As Konata Izumi
  • Emiri Kato As Kagami Hiiragi
  • Kaori Fukuhara As Tsukasa Hiiragi
  • Aya Endo As Miyuki Takara
Lucky Star Seiyuus 20 Aniv 1
Lucky Star Seiyuus 20 Aniv 2

Well, in this awaited Lucky Star reunion, once again on stage, the seiyuus read some dialogues of certain scenes and had the opportunity to remember their work together that they said was very significant on a personal and professional level. Through their Twitter profiles they shared a series of photos in which they look very happy and wrote a few words regarding the event.

In general, they expressed that the reunion was very nostalgic, and that as from the beginning, it was a very fun experience, in addition to thanking the mangaka Kagami Yoshimizu and all those who were involved in the project. And of course, recognizing the great unconditional support of the fans over the years, that without them this would not be possible.

Something that also aroused many emotions in the fans, beginning to comment that it was amazing to see them reunited after so much, to see that they have not changed much and that they are still as beautiful despite the years. Without a doubt all the collaborations and events for Lucky Star‘s 20th anniversary were fabulous and well deserved. Tell us, do you remember this anime or are you going to give it a chance?

Lucky Star Seiyuus 20 Aniv 3

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