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Lucky Star celebrates its 20th anniversary with incredible news It will give a concert!

Lucky Star is a beloved franchise that has remained in the hearts of countless fans, even after many years since its debut in 2007. The anime captured the attention of many people who still cherish it today, and what better way to celebrate this anniversary than with a concert?

Lucky Star surprises fans with an expected concert in 2024

Lucky Star Concierto

It has been about 15 years since the legendary live event “Lucky Star in Budokan Because It’s for You” was held at the Nippon Budokan in March 2009. In 2024, Lucky Star will mark its 20th anniversary and this achievement deserves to be commemorated, so a new musical eventLucky Star” will take place to honor this important date.

The event will feature well-known artists, with Hiromi Konno, who plays Akira Ogami, and Minoru Shiraishi, who plays himself in the Lucky Star series, as the hosts. The composer Akira Kamimae will also appear as a guest.

The concert is expected to offer an unforgettable experience, where live images and music will be displayed, with the Lucky Star Orchestra, also known as Heartbeat Symphony. The event will be held on Sunday, February 4, 2024 and will take place at the Large Hall of the Kuki General Cultural Center.

Lucky Star

First opening (Daytime): Doors open at 13:00, show starts at 13:45 (scheduled to end around 15:45).

Second opening (Nighttime): Doors open at 16:30, show starts at 17:15 (scheduled to end around 19:15).

VIP ticket (privileges + priority to front seats), approximately $120.08.

Premium ticket with benefits, approximately $82.72.

First benefits (daytime): Original handbag (planned to use original illustrations drawn by Kagami Mimizu.

2nd (night session) Bonus: Original T-shirt (planned to use a new illustration drawn by Kagami Mimizu).

Lucky star 1

The T-shirt will only be available in black 1C/one size (equivalent to XL), this is a different color version of the “T-shirt (4c)” that will be sold at the merchandise store, the additional content is subject to change according to the schedule, the design will be published at a later date. A great gift for their fans indeed.