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Love Hina author Ken Amatsu speaks out against AIs

The mangaka behind Love Hina, Ken Akamatsu, has been outspoken about how many of his peers, especially naming Mr. Kishin Higuchi, have fallen prey to being usurped by artificial intelligences, how people use his style to profit or create certain types of works. Mr. Akamatsu offers a lifeline to all those authors, citing the rights of the artist and providing a surprise for everyone.

Ken Akamatsu, author of Love Hina, speaks out against art usurpation

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Very offended Mr. Ken Akamatsu by the offenses towards his colleagues, the author of Love Hina has not hesitated to post on the social network Twitter/X all about this phenomenon related to new technologies. He presents in his first words that, he has received many questions about this case, referring to those who use the images generated by artificial intelligence that “even though it is not copyrighted”, it is still the work, effort of the author.

Fans and other artists have come out together to support Mr. Akamatsu in his words, “we should regulate the laws and prioritize that they are enforced to protect copyright”, “Artificial intelligence has a future and potential, but if we don’t prevent them from taking the works of authors, or we will get nowhere”. They all conclude that copyright should be regulated to protect their works from these acts.

It is not something that has been started today, in many areas legal processes are being made to protect professionals from any kind of theft or usurpation of their works. In the world of anime this issue has been very much on the table, as some animation studios use these technologies to facilitate and make their work more effective, but respecting the laws. The voice actors also rose recently for the same reason, something that we have detailed in this note on our page.

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To substantiate his words, Mr. Akamatsu attaches links to copyright laws that, in his words, could help more people. Offering further relief, he mentions that he and his partners are creating a way to preserve copyright, culminating with the mention that the Japanese government is in the process of taking responsibility to prevent this from happening in the future. If you want to take a look at this very interesting thread, you can view it here.

Finally, it only remains to appreciate how authors strive to protect artists, both in illustration, manga and other media in the vast array of the arts. Anime can use these technologies in a very profitable way, as we mentioned in the aspect of animation studios, but unfortunately, there are many who use them for different purposes that exceed the limits of copyright, what do you think about this?

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