LiSA reaches over 300 million on her single “Homura”

The famous singer LiSA from the land of the rising sun breaks the numbers of her singles, taking, on this occasion, more than 300 million views in her music video for the song “Homura”, an achievement that for any artist is to celebrate, with her talent and voice that have traveled all over the world through her very famous singles used for series such as Demon slayer, Sword art online, Angel beats or among other outstanding works. A star that constantly shines on stage as one of the best in her genre.

One more victory for artist LiSA on her single Homura with more than 300 million views

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The information of the video and its number of visualizations was published through Twitter/X in her account LiSA STAFF, which greatly thanks her fans for giving her such support for so many years and for all the success of her works thanks to the followers, this outstanding singer, is a veteran of the medium always giving the best musical pieces in each delivery, if you want to listen to a little of her music to know her better, you can do it here.

With a music video of 5:01, which runs beautifully with our beloved LiSA as the protagonist in what looks like a beach, where the waves, sand and sky that show a pleasant, relaxing, but slightly nostalgic atmosphere, plus the dress that LiSA wears which is pure white reinforces this environment. Throughout the verses of this one, the artist looks at the sky, uses her hands to try to reach it, as her lyrics say, “following her dreams”.

This song, “Homura”, is one coming from the album The First Take, its lyrics are centered on something full of hope, a will to continue fulfilling the dreams you have, about connecting hearts despite the distances and keep striving for the future, which, although distant, will soon be our present, a true piece of music that motivates. The artist has recently published in her networks the birth of her first child, (beginning of the year), which gives meaning to the words that take the future as a gift that we must cultivate.

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Let’s remember that the artist has had a career full of successes since 2010, as in the aforementioned, Angel beats, Sword art online, Demon slayer; recently she has made collaborations with the popular South Korean group “Stray Kids” and also, she has made a piece for the great Marvel franchise, Spiderman: Across the spiderverse, whose performance in this was, as it usually is, really impeccable and surprising with the single Realize.

LiSA is a singer from the land of the rising sun, always taking the lead in her genre and using her talent to give us better things every year, being a very active person and with many years in the medium she has given a memorable discography, from her beginnings in high school as a member of her youth bands, to her transition as a soloist to consolidate herself as a world class artist, let’s keep fulfilling our dreams with her songs and going one step further to a prosperous future.

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