Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp prepares its return with an intriguing trailer

As some may recall, in the month of October 2022, the anime series based on the manga “Yuru Camp” (Laid-Back Camp) excited its fans by announcing the production of a new season. This news was unveiled at theatrical screenings in Japan of the first movie in the franchise, titled Eiga Yurukyan △.

It has been several months since new updates about the third season of the anime Laid-Back Camp were provided, and it was expected that as time went on, new information about the highly anticipated return of the TV anime would be released. To the surprise of many, that day has arrived and today, the official media of the anime Laid-Back Camp revealed an incredible teaser video where the artists in charge of performing the main themes of this new season of the series were presented.

The artists chosen to perform the main themes of “Laid-Back Camp Season 3” will be: Kiminone, performer of the opening theme, and Asaka, performer of the closing theme.

Along with this video teaser, the official media of the TV anime “Laid-Back Camp” presented a full version of the visual image previously presented a few months ago.

Laid-Back Camp Season 3 to premiere in 2024

Yuru Camp 3 Visual

It is important to note that the third season of the anime Laid-Back Camp is scheduled to premiere in Japan in the course of 2024. The production of this season will be in charge of the animation studio C-Station in collaboration with 8-BitShin Tosaka will assume the role of director for this third installment of the anime. Masafumi Sugiura will be in charge of compositing, while Hisanori Hashimoto will be in charge of character design. Akiyuki Tateyama will return to compose the soundtrack for the series.

The broadcast of the first season of the anime “Laid-Back Camp” (Yuru Camp) began on June 4, 2018 in Japan and the production was in charge of the animation studio C-Station and was legally broadcast in America through the Crunchyroll platform. For those interested in dubbing, the series has a American version.

Yuru Camp

The anime “Laid-Back Camp” transports us to a world where tranquility and serenity find their home in the solitude of nature. At the heart of this story is Rin Shima, a young girl whose perfect refuge lies not in luxurious destinations, but in the simplicity of camping alone at the foot of majestic Mount Fuji. From erecting her tent to gathering firewood, Rin navigates this solitary routine masterfully, with no intention of leaving her small isolated universe.

However, fate has other plans when Nadeshiko Kagamihara, lost and disoriented, is forced to seek refuge in Rin’s camp. Initially, Nadeshiko longed to contemplate the breathtaking views of Mount Fuji for herself, but her plans are altered when, exhausted, she falls into a restful sleep halfway to her destination. Helpless and without alternatives, she turns to the only figure nearby.

Despite hasty introductions, the two girls share an icy night, sharing ramen and conversation by the warmth of the campfire. Even after Nadeshiko’s sister picks her up later that night, the two silently ponder the possibility of camping together again. Thus, this charming story invites us to explore the beauty of friendship and the serenity found in the simplicity of outdoor life.

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