Konosuba: Kazuma faces again the trauma of Sylvia’s lump

The wait is finally over and after almost 7 years since its second season, the long awaited anime KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! is back with its third season, which came to brighten up the lives of fans with new and hilarious adventures for Kazuma’ s group and boy, did they do it, since from the beginning of chapter one they surprise us with something in particular.

The new season of Konosuba has finally arrived!

Konosuba 2

As many will know, the plot of this new season is set after the events of KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!Legend of Crimson, in which after an arduous battle against a chimera, Kazuma ‘s group emerged victorious and saved the village from the crimson demons, but it seems that the events that take place in the story left a trauma to Kazuma which affected him deeply and in a very hilarious way.

Recall that at one point in KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!Legend of Crimson, Kazuma tried to join Sylvia’ s side because of the way she treated Kazuma, but being in Sylvia’s arms, he realizes that something is wrong, especially when he feels something on Sylvia’s bottom that should not be there and it is here when it is revealed that she is a chimera, therefore, her body differs from what was intended, causing a trauma for poor Kazuma that until the first episode of this season haunts him.

Konosuba 2 1

In this new season of Konosuba we can see at the beginning a fantasy of Kazuma where he is surrounded by women who admire him for all the achievements he recently obtained and it is here where they begin to approach him, then a girl hugs him from behind and begins to make strange movements, it is here where Kazuma begins to suspect that something is wrong and then it is revealed that it was Sylvia who was behind him trying to deflower him, luckily for him it was all a dream.

But anyone would be traumatized by what happened to Kazuma, even the poor guy gives up on life and it is here where he decides to go to a convent to become a monk and live there the rest of his life in this new world. So begins a short adventure in this first chapter of Konosuba that brought many funny moments, as well as events that thrilled us, all to give us at the end hints of what this season will be about, so we will have to be attentive to the following chapters of this new season to see how it will develop.

Konosuba! 3

Konosuba tells the story of Satou Kazuma, a hikikomori who suffers a ridiculous and pathetic death after returning from buying a video game, to which the beautiful goddess Aqua offers him two options: continue his transition to heaven or reincarnate in a real fantasy world, to which Kazuma chooses to start a new life in this unknown world, but not before choosing something that will help him in his quest to defeat the demon king, to which he chooses Aqua, but what he does not know is that she is completely useless.

But the problems do not end there, as Kazuma realizes that living in a fantasy world is not the same as it is in the games, since instead of embarking on an exciting adventure, he must find a way to work with Aqua to pay for their daily living expenses and not starve to death, and this will be just the beginning of his misfortunes, so we will have to see how Kazuma survives by any means in this new and wonderful new world.

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