Konosuba!: Aqua’s “plot” has confirmed measurements thanks to remarkable fan work

In the episodes that have been aired to date, KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) has maintained a high level of quality and story, as well as the comic elements with which it has been characterized over the years. Each chapter has been unique in a way, managing to keep people’s attention, especially for its “waifus”, being that now the protagonist is the beloved Aqua, to whom the size of her “charms” was discovered, thanks to the research work of a fan.

Konosuba!: The size of Aqua’s charms finally revealed


In his most recent publication, the Twitter/X user @hikari_okiraku known by fans for revealing the measurements of the “frames” of different waifus loved by fans, published on social networks one of the most beloved goddesses of anime today: Aqua of Konosuba!, who as always was responsible for revealing the measurements of the “frame” of this beloved clumsy goddess, who undoubtedly has been responsible for brightening up this season in her own way.

As always, Hikari is in charge of publishing different images that she uses as a reference to get the true measurements of the waifus, in this case of Aqua from Konosuba!, who used images from different media where she appears and this part is highlighted more, to get the exact measurements of this character. And boy were they surprised with the results shown, since it is something more amazing than we imagined.

Aqua 3

In the images we can see that he started measuring the rib cage up to the same “frame” and managed to obtain the height of Aqua which is approximately 160 cm high, having a band of 69.1 cm, while in the separation comes to obtain an approximate measure of 11 cm and in the cross section 69.1 cm. So putting all these data together we get to give us the approximate measure of the size of its front.

Putting together all these data provided by Hikari, we can say that the size of the girl becomes an H cup, which means that its volume becomes quite large, surpassing what many imagined before what was seen in Konosuba! Undoubtedly, she surpasses many waifus of different series that are behind the size of this beautiful goddess, there is no doubt why many have this character of Konosuba! as their favorite waifu.

Aqua 2

Konosuba! tells the story of Satou Kazuma, a hikikomori who suffers from a ridiculous and pathetic way of perishing after returning from buying a video game, to which the beautiful goddess Aqua offers him two options: continue his transition to heaven or be reincarnated in a real fantasy world, to which Kazuma chooses to start a new life in this unknown world. But not before choosing something to help him in his quest to defeat the demon king, to which he chooses Aqua, but what he doesn’t know is that she is completely useless.

But the problems do not end there, as Kazuma realizes that living in a fantasy world is not the same as it is in the games, since he must find a way to work with Aqua to pay the expenses and not starve to death when he arrives to this new world. And this will be just the beginning of his misfortunes, so we will have to see how Kazuma survives by any means in this new and wonderful new world with his peculiar companions of adventures.

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