Kizuna AI’s seiyuu says goodbye with emotional message

The famous VTuber Kizuna AI has left a rather discouraging message for her fans through the social network X (formerly Twitter), as in it the voice actress Kasuga Nozomi has announced that she is leaving the company Kizuna AI Inc. due to the termination of her contract. The announcement has taken many of both Japanese and Western fans by surprise, as they did not expect this early retirement.

Kizuna AI voice actress says goodbye to her role as VTuber and the whole internet mourns her departure


In the official account it has been made public that the voice actress of Kizuna Ai is leaving the company because her employment contract has ended, so Kasuga Nozomi from X (formerly Twitter) shares her gratitude towards the company and the fans who have followed her for her role as the famous VTuber Kizuna AI. In addition, she has said that she hopes in the future to collaborate with the company again, so this farewell is not definitive, although only time will tell if we will hear Kasuga Nozomi as the main voice of the famous VTuber again.

Likewise, Takeshi Osaka, who is the founder of the company Activ8 Inc. behind Kizuna Ai, made his statement in which he expressed that, although Nozomi resigned from her position within the company, he still hopes to “work with her as a voice provider”. It is not yet known if this statement refers to a new project regarding Kizuna Ai or, on the contrary, if it is a totally parallel project to the VTuber world, likewise Nozomi has no information on whether there will be a change of Kizuna Ai’s voice after her resignation.

This news has taken many of the fans of this VTuber by surprise, since no one expected that the main voice actress would stop working for such a big company, and many of them have commented through social networks, who will be the new voice of the VTuber in case they replace Nozomi. Although nothing has been said officially, many fans are already beginning to speculate about who would be the voice actress that could be the right one for the VTuber.

So far we only have this information from both parties involved, so there is still a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds for the original voice actress, as well as what projects will come for the company. As of today, neither the seiyuu nor the company have answered clearly or in more detail the projects that both parties have individually and if both parties plan to work together or if, on the contrary, they will make future collaborations with the projects that will come later.


Let’s remember that the first appearance of the famous VTuber was in 2016, when she was just starting to become popular on YouTube. Many Japanese began to show an interest in this type of video format, so much so that soon her popularity would begin to escalate quite rapidly, then reaching the eyes and ears of audiences in America and Europe. So we would soon see her being the star of many of YouTuber’s playlists.

Kasuga Nozomi was the big revelation of Kizuna Ai in 2020, as it was revealed that she was the official voice of the VTuber, which made the popularity of both the VTuber and Nozomi quite noticeable, so the girl overflowed with followers on her social networks. Likewise, many fans began to request Kizuna Ai’s performances and concerts all over the world. But from the year 2022, Nozomi would become a freelance agent, so her relationship with the company and the VTuber would no longer be subject to “office hours”.