Karin Uzumaki

Karin Uzumaki captivates Naruto fans in realistic version

Naruto is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime in and out of Japan. There is no otaku who has not seen it or at least knows it, that is why it is not surprising that we often find images made by fans that excite the community. On this occasion, it was an image showing Karin Uzumaki in a realistic version where she looks quite attractive, which excited the users of social networks.

Naruto’s Karin Uzumaki radiates appeal in new images

Naruto Karin Uzumaki

These images were shared through Instagram by the user mysmartarts who is known in this social network for publishing images mostly of waifus of the anime in realistic version. In these portraits of Karin Uzumaki, we can see her with an outfit consisting of a lilac jacket, black shorts and black thigh-high stockings. In some of the images there are certain variations in the jacket, which is sometimes long and sometimes short.

This outfit is quite similar to the one she wears in Naruto, however, in this representation it is designed to accentuate her figure and give her a more attractive look. Unlike her animated version, her iconic reddish eyes are not present here, but one element of this color that was kept was her beautiful red hair, which is silky and shiny. The setting for these portraits was the streets of a city where stores and cars are visible in the background.

In the anime, we see a Karin Uzumaki with a somewhat unkempt appearance as her hair is quite uneven. So in this realistic representation, seeing her, with straight hair, simple makeup and an outfit that highlights her toned body, makes her look much more attractive.

Naruto Karin Uzumaki
Naruto Karin Uzumaki
Naruto Karin Uzumaki

Within Naruto, Karin Uzumaki is a subordinate of Orochimaru, one of the main villains of the series, helping him with his experiments. She also travels with Sasuke Uchiha as support so that he can fulfill his desire for revenge. In terms of temperament, she is a person with multiple personalities that vary constantly; sometimes she is apathetic and coarse, but at other times she is flirtatious and cheeky, curiously this temperament comes out when she takes off her glasses.

Karin Uzumaki is an intelligent woman, she demonstrated this on several occasions throughout the story, as she functioned to some extent as a sort of medical ninja using her ability to heal others, she does this by being bitten by the people she is trying to heal so they can absorb her chakra. Although for the most part, her role in combat is to be this support, she herself also possesses some combat experience. An assistant to Masashi Kishimoto, creator of Naruto, describes her as “a strong-willed woman who doesn’t need anyone…”.

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