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Kamisato Ayaka of Genshin Impact is recreated in a daring H figure.

From the hand of the renowned company AYW STUDIO comes a new figure to pleasantly delight the players of the popular gacha style video game Genshin Impact, and is that one of the beloved “waifus” present in its playable template is the protagonist of this collector’s item, being the chosen in this case the elegant Kamisato Ayaka. But thanks to the style chosen for her representation, the pretty girl will leave aside all her innocence, since we will be able to better appreciate her “attributes” because the figure is of H style.

Be amazed by this new H figure of the beloved Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact!

Kamisato Ayaka De Genshin Impact Es Recreada En Una Atrevida Figura H
Kamisato Ayaka De Genshin Impact Es Recreada En Una Atrevida Figura H

This incredible new figure arrived to the surprise of the fans of the recognized gacha style video game Genshin Impact, being several aspects for which have made it stand out, such as the fact that the protagonist is none other than one of the most popular “waifus” of all, the beautiful Kamisato Ayaka. In addition, the materials used are of the highest quality, which are combined to perfection for the shape with which it was decided to model the figure, in the best H style.

For those who know a little of the character of Genshin Impact, you will know that she is characterized for being one of the few who have more than one skin, but in this case it was decided not to recreate it with any of the two, either her elegant dress that combines beauty with accessories prepared for combat or her most adorable dress. And the fact is that, following the H style with which the product is made in general lines, the clothes are scarce, since only a few ribbons run along Ayaka’s body, covering the most sensitive areas of her person, thus highlighting her “attributes”.

As this is a figure that from the initial version is already considered as one of style H, it has the possibility of removing these ribbons that cover her body, so Ayaka will be uncovered leaving very little to the imagination of the fans, especially for the quality of the materials used that highlight her figure. It is the combination of these aspects that make this collector’s item one that all fans of the Genshin Impact character, and of waifus in general, will definitely want to add to their collection.

Kamisato Ayaka De Genshin Impact Es Recreada En Una Atrevida Figura H
Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Figura H 4

If you are interested in acquiring this new figure that features the beautiful Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact, you can do it from the different websites that are dedicated to the sale of these collectibles, such as the following link in different versions: the 1/6 scale for $170 dollars or 1/4 scale for $274 dollars, both bringing the H style version, plus a third deluxe version in 1/4 scale, which brings a number of extra items such as wooden chairs, lights and other decorations. The estimated release date is set for June 2025.

For those who do not know Genshin Impact, this is a video game that was released in 2020 by the company Hoyoverse, author of other titles of the gacha genre such as Honkai Impact 3rd, being that this new game was characterized by having a real-time combat system and a fully explorable mapping. Currently, the title is in its version 4.7, which brought a lot of new content for players, such as the expansion of the main story, but especially new characters, as the 4 star Sethos is in the promotional banner with the new “waifu” Clorinde, being that in a few weeks will be replaced by Sigewinne, another new character.

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