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Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact stars in new outfit

Thanks to the large community it has, the video game Genshin Impact has managed to stay very active in social networks, with fans taking advantage of the diverse number and variety of characters available in the Hoyoverse title to delight with works of all kinds, which usually highlight the illustrations or cosplays. But there is also a group of fans who use their talent to create the famous mods, which present new facets of the characters, as is the clear example of this one for Kamisato Ayaka which is based on one of her looks used in a collaboration.

Kamisato Ayaka will be able to use this beautiful skin thanks to the new Genshin Impact mod.

Kamisato Ayaka De Genshin Impact Enamora A Los Fans Con Un Nuevo Y Hermoso Atuendo
Kamisato Ayaka De Genshin Impact Enamora A Los Fans Con Un Nuevo Y Hermoso Atuendo

From the Gamebanana page and published by the user DasBirb comes this new mod that will pleasantly delight fans of the popular gacha-style video game Genshin Impact, since there are several aspects that make it stand out, such as the fact that the protagonist is one of its beautiful “waifus”, the elegant Kamisato Ayaka. And this work gives a total change of look to the girl, but that most fans of the game will be able to decipher automatically and is that this is based on one of the many collaborations that the Hoyoverse title made in the past.

As can be seen in the images that accompany the mod, the change that occurs in Ayaka’s clothes leaves aside the two versions that she has within Genshin Impact, either her elegant dress that combines beauty with accessories prepared for combat or the one that is much more adorable. In this mod, we see that the cute girl is dressed in an outfit that maintains the same elegance with which she is known, but in this case using an outfit that is very reminiscent of Japanese students, with her sweatshirt and skirt, keeping the white and blue color palette representative of Ayaka.

And as we mentioned, this outfit is not random, since it is based on one of the collaborations made by Genshin Impact, more precisely the one with the Chinese tea chain Hey Tea some time ago, where several characters, to advertise a series of merchandise, acquired this type of attire. Finally, the mod has a great quality in the attention to detail and how it really takes all the features seen in the special illustrations to make this a work that all fans of the game will appreciate.

Kamisato Ayaka De Genshin Impact Enamora A Los Fans Con Un Nuevo Y Hermoso Atuendo

Kamisato Ayaka is one of the most beloved girls in the Genshin Impact community for several reasons, one of the main ones being her beauty, and whether in her original or secondary outfit, Ayaka has one of the best designs in the title. In addition, those who play the game and know her better end up falling in love with her sweet and kind personality, making Ayaka one of the most beloved “waifus” within the Genshin Impact community, and very few characters could match her in terms of popularity.

Genshin Impact, for those who don’t know it, is a free to play gacha-style title created by the company Hoyoverse, which perfectly combines a story that expands with each new update, as well as a very entertaining real-time combat system. In Genshin Impact, players play the role of the “Traveler”, a being without memories who wakes up in the continent of Teyvat with a mission that will take him to travel through the different regions of this universe, to find his lost relative, in a world where the elements (Cryo, Electro, etc.) are very important.

Kamisato Ayaka Genshin Impact

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