Kadokawa, owners of Mushoku Tensei and Konosuba! are attacked again.

A few weeks ago we reported how the Kadokawa group, one of the largest companies in the world of video games and anime, owner of a large number of franchises such as Konosuba!, Mushoku Tensei, Elden Ring, among many others, had suffered a strong attack on its servers that affected the different official websites of the company. But now things were not only repeated, but increased considerably in severity, and is that they confirmed to be hacked again, losing in the fact more than 1.5 TB of company data that are now in the hands of the penetrators.

Kadokawa receives a new hacker attack with massive data loss

Roxy Migurdia Mushoku Tensei

Through an official statement, the renowned company Kadokawa, owner of some of the biggest franchises and developers of all times, confirmed that on June 27th it suffered a new attack to its servers, which resulted in the loss of more than 1.5 TB of information. Although from the same statement it was confirmed that, although it was sensitive data, these did not contain banking information of users or their own workers, but asked that while investigating what happened, do not use this information on Kadokawa sites.

And the fact is that things have escalated a lot in the last hours, since the hackers themselves have come out to comment on the fact, asking the company a high economic remuneration for the data not to be leaked on the network, being that among many things, in the information they have are very important things. Among them, they confirmed to have personal data, future business plans or even projects in which the different companies under the command of Kadokawa were working, which are many, so if they are leaked, they could really impact on their respective media in a negative way.

In addition, the hackers have given a deadline for the company to release the requested money or all the information will be leaked on the Internet: July 1, a very close date, so Kadokawa must act as quickly as possible to solve this serious problem they are going through and that involves many people. And for this, the company has already confirmed that they are working with external services on this “system failure” to build a network environment, as well as a server, much safer for all users.

Konosuba! Megumin

The statement also talks about how this series of attacks perpetrated to Kadokawa in recent weeks may affect the company, since it is totally uncertain how the company’s performance will be for this fiscal year due to so many major attacks in a short period of time. What was confirmed is that the company will be informing the most relevant events about the event as soon as they have the most accurate data possible from its official website, bringing a little more peace of mind to users.

As we mentioned, Kadokawa is one of the largest companies in the world, owner of a large number of developers and very important franchises in the world of anime and video games, among others, being that the popularity of these are more than recognized. Among them we have two anime that were presented in this spring season 2024, Mushoku Tensei and Konosuba!, as well as a game that released a few days ago its latest expansion, considered one of the best releases of the year, Elden Ring, so these attacks affected thousands of users worldwide.

Konosuba! Kadokawa