Jigokuraku anime comes to Netflix!

The anime of a group of boys condemned to death comes to us with excellent news, Jigokuraku also known as Hell’s Paradise is coming soon to Netflix, its release date has yet to be confirmed, but this is excellent news, isn’t it, the big streaming company knows what its audience likes and has not stopped bombarding us with new releases related to the world of anime.

Jigokuraku joins Netflix catalog

¡El Anime De Jigokuraku Llega A Netflix!

As we said before, Netflix has not ceased to surprise us with all the premieres that are gradually being added to its catalog, starting with the monthly premiere of One Piece that has fans delighted and recently with the arrival of Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover, Boku no Hero Academia and Haikyuu!!!, anime fans are eagerly waiting to see these series.

Jigokuraku is a manga that received its own anime adaptation in 2023 thanks to MAPPA studio, the story follows a ninja named Gabimaru, who in an attempt to escape is caught. The executioner Yamada Asaemon Sagiri tells him that he can be exempted from all his sins on one condition, he has to find the elixir of life found on the island of Shinsenkyo.

¡El Anime De Jigokuraku Llega A Netflix!

Thus, Gabimaru along with other criminals who are in the same situation are sent to the island, obtaining the elixir will not be an easy task, because each and every one of the prisoners want to get it, not to mention that each of them carries an executioner of Yamada Asaemon with whom they must return to be pardoned.

As you can see, the plot of Jigokuraku is quite enthralling, from the moment its adaptation was announced the fans of the manga of this work were quite happy and with the great work that MAPPA did with the adaptation the series reached many more people, making its fandom grow and both anime and manga became even better known.

¡El Anime De Jigokuraku Llega A Netflix!

This is something that we must touch, thanks to the globalization that we have today, it is not surprising that we can see works from different parts of the world, such as Japan that has managed to captivate us with its culture, its history and of course, with its animation better known to all as anime. Currently, thanks to streaming platforms it is easy to see a work from the other side of the planet, so much so be sure that people who did not know Jigokuraku once they see it in the Netflix catalog, they will put it once they read its synopsis.

For anime lovers this is great news, we who are on the other side of the pond it helps us that this type of content is increasingly popular, that means that more series will be brought, that new seasons may arise as what happened with Kimi ni Todoke and that after its last broadcast was in 2011 with its second season, today thanks to Netflix we are waiting for its third season for sometime in 2024.

¡El Anime De Jigokuraku Llega A Netflix!

So, with the announcement of the arrival of Jigokuraku we can only be happy, the global impact that anime is having is attracting new audiences that have been amazed with the peculiar way of telling stories in the oriental culture and no wonder, do you remember what was the first anime you recommended to someone who was not an anime fan? What face did they make? What did they feel? No doubt we are all guilty of trying to introduce our friends to this world we love so much.