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International Dragon Ball Day one step closer to becoming a reality

As many will remember this month the community suffered the loss of the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, which triggered various reactions from the community, including a signature to make the day March 8 was named as the international day of Dragon Ball, to honor the creator of the series, it turns out that this petition has become very popular and could even get to collect all the signatures requested in a short time.

International Dragon Ball Day

Dragon Ball

Let’s remember that all this arose with the unfortunate death of Akira Toriyama, who inspired many generations of fans through Dragon Ball, as well as was the inspiration for several artists and animators who started in the industry after seeing Akira’s work, so it is very understandable all the love that people are showing him after this tragic news that was released on March 8.

That’s why fans had launched a petition on a website in which we can see that they are asking for March 8th to be known as International Dragon Ball Day, in memory of its creator, which at the beginning seemed to have support little by little, but as of this date the petition has gathered more than 100,000 signatures and counting, almost a week after this petition was uploaded online, which shows the support it has had from the Dragon Ball fan community.

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Undoubtedly it seems that this request could become a reality for the thousands of fans that this series has and at least in Japan could be carried out, however, in other countries is celebrated a date that for people is important to be carried out due to the context that is in the world today, so that this initiative is taken in another part of the world may be a little difficult, but never lose hope.

In the end, Dragon Ball fans can celebrate this date without it becoming an official day, but getting official support would be a very nice way to commemorate the death of such a great animator as Akira Toriyama, so we can only wait for the public to show their support for this petition and still fans to commemorate this date to the fullest in the best way they know how to do it.

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