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An illustration of Anubis inspires a new original h-figure

Lately, there is a trend of turning male characters or objects into waifus and this time the illustrator Nigi Komiya transformed the god Anubis, guardian of the tombs, into a waifu that charmed many otakus on Twitter, which earned him a very important achievement.

Due to the popularity generated by the original illustration, the company Free Will Studio decided to bring us a totally original figure inspired by the illustration created by Nigi, in which Anubis is seen posing relaxedly while she is with an Egyptian dog by her side.

Anubis will make you fall in love with this captivating figure

Ilustración De Anubis Inspira Una Nueva Figura Original

In this figure, we can see Anubis wearing a very revealing outfit that reveals a lot and shows her perfect body, worthy of an Egyptian goddess. We can also see the striking accessories, covered in gold, a garter on her left leg adorned with gold pieces, an accessory near her ears highlighting them and wearing jewels on her neck.

You can also see that the character is lying down, while resting from her duty as guardian, posing relaxedly while holding her characteristic staff and accompanied by an Egyptian dog, which was characteristic of Egyptian mythology that they always accompany their dogs.

Ilustración De Anubis Inspira Una Nueva Figura Original

The manufacturers of the figure can be seen that they did not skimp on efforts to make it, and it shows in the details presented in the figure, from the incredible work done in the painting done by Monshin, to the final finish in the modeling, which was done by Blank YeRen and you can see the effort to make it exactly like the original illustration.

Ilustración De Anubis Inspira Una Nueva Figura Original

The figure is made with high quality PVC and ABS materials, has a 1/7 scale and approximate measurements of 135 x 250 mm. The Anubis figure is on pre-sale and can be booked through Tokyo Otaku Mode for the price of $204.99 and for premium members there is a 16% discount and 10% cash back on pre-ordering the figure.

The figure does not have a deadline to be purchased, which means that it will be available to purchase until stocks run out and has an approximate release date of November this year. So take advantage of getting this imposing figure and get ready for a goddess to make you fall in love with her beauty.

Ilustración De Anubis Inspira Una Nueva Figura Original

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