Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: Energetic Yoshi gets real in detailed illustrations.

The cute waifu of “Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san” (Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro), Yoshi, surprised the fans of this franchise by coming to life in a realistic version generated through an AI where this girl looks like a beautiful young woman, highlighting her features and making her look quite attractive, which generated many different reactions from the fans. In this article we tell you all the details and the reaction that Nagatoro-san’s fans had to these images, so we invite you to continue reading.

A realistic version of Nagatoro-san’s Yoshi wins fans’ hearts

Nagatoro-San Yoshi Ia
Nagatoro-San Yoshi Ia2

The user mysmartarts shared through Instagram these images where we can see how Yoshi would look in real life, being that the outfit he wears in this realistic representation is the same that we can see during Nagatoro-san, since his school uniform, which consists of a white long-sleeved shirt and a blue skirt. The attire she is wearing highlights her figure, showing good attributes and a slender body, and we can also see a bit of her shapely and long legs.

In the Anime of Nagatoro-san, Yoshi usually has her hair in two ponytails, a feature that was maintained in this version, as well as her representative fringe, her big honey-colored eyes are also visible in these images, and it is something very representative of Yoshi in Nagatoro San. She always tends to have a rather smiling expression which is a trait that is missing in these pictures, since here we see her with a somewhat serious expression on her face, however, they made her look in a way that preserved that particular tenderness of hers. Probably, her big eyes are part of what makes her look as cute as we can remember her in her anime version.

Although there were many comments praising the work done by this account, there were some not so positive comments, such as the user who shared these images saying that Nagatoro-san‘s waifu looked younger than he would have liked or other people that her attributes should be bigger than they looked. The setting chosen for this representation was a classroom, which is quite accurate for the context of the anime and clearly for the costume that Yoshi is wearing, which although it does not have any additional detail, that does not prevent it from looking very beautiful.

Nagatoro-San Yoshi Ia3
Nagatoro-San Yoshi Ia5

In the Nagatoro anime, Yoshi is one of Hayase Nagatoro’s friends, whose most representative trait in her personality is precisely her childish and naive attitude, which can be noticed just by looking at her appearance and the expression she usually has on her face. Yoshi has some habits that can be considered as bad, for example, talking loudly, imitating other people and repeating the last words they mention, finally he also loves to eat all kinds of food, no matter if they are not healthy or nutritious.

Yoshi is not considered a very intelligent person, as she is always distracted, needs explanations for things that may even be obvious and, despite being repeated several times, she does not understand them and even tends to get lost in crowded places, easily and often. Yoshi is not only seen as a pretty girl by Nagatoro-san’s fans, but within the same universe, she is considered as such, another positive thing about Yoshi, is that she is a girl with great athletic ability, as she can do activities such as skiing effortlessly.

Nagatoro-San Yoshi Ia4
Nagatoro-San Yoshi Ia6