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Honkai Star Rail’s Kafka falls in love with figure H

From the hand of Diamond studio comes a new product for the delight of the players of one of the most important gacha titles of the moment, Honkai Star Rail, being that it also has as one of the main aspects to have as a protagonist one of the most beautiful “waifus” that this one has, we refer to Kafka. But this figure also comes to raise the temperature, since the “attributes” of the girl are recreated to perfection as this product is of H type.

Waifu” Kafka is recreated in an incredible H-figure from Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Kafka Enamora Con Sus “Atributos” En Figura H
Honkai Star Rail: Kafka Enamora Con Sus “Atributos” En Figura H

This new figure arrived to the surprise, as well as the delight, of all the players of the popular gacha style title Honkai Star Rail, but mainly for the fans of one of the most beautiful girls that this one has, Kafka, recreated in a way that all her beauty is respected. And this is possible thanks to the materials used, of the highest quality, which also contribute much to further delight the fans, being that this product stands out for being made in the best H style.

In order to represent even more this sought style, we see that the first most representative change is given in the same clothes of the “waifu”, since this is no longer using his white dress shirt, along with the burgundy shorts, long stockings and boots so characteristic of her. And in this figure we will see that the character of Honkai Star Rail wears a two-piece black swimsuit accompanied by a transparent stockings that follow this same color palette, plus some accessories such as chains that emerge from a necklace on her neck.

But what will delight Kafka’s fans the most is, as we mentioned, the H style of the product, not only in this version, which in itself is quite “spicy” for showing us the girl in a pose of the most “whimsical”, but there is a feature designed to increase the temperature. Fans who purchase this figure will be surprised, since the garments we mentioned can be seen removed in their entirety, so you will be able to better appreciate the “attributes” of her, something in which they stand out for being very voluptuous. It is these aspects that make the figure a safe purchase for fans.

Honkai Star Rail: Kafka Enamora Con Sus “Atributos” En Figura H

As we mentioned at the beginning, this figure was designed by Diamond studio, and its main character is the cute Kafka from Honkai Star Rail, which can be purchased in different stores that are dedicated to the sale of such products in two versions: the first made in 1/6 scale for $150 dollars and the second in 1/4 for $350 dollars, it should be noted that these prices are not final, since the final amount will be announced shortly. The collector’s item also has no estimated release date yet.

For those who do not know Honkai Star Rail, this is one of the most important titles that the Chinese company Hoyoverse, already known in the environment for having developed other great titles of the gacha genre such as Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, has and that in a few weeks will be a year in the market. In Honkai Star Rail we will meet the “Trazacaminos” who will travel through different areas of the universe meeting all kinds of characters, including enemies, it is here where turn-based combat, where strategy is vital, will stand out. The title is available for free on PS5, PC and mobile devices iOS and Android.

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