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Honkai Star Rail’s Firefly presents its daring side in new H-figure

Honkai Star Rail recently introduced a new “waifu” called Firefly, which soon became very popular within the same community of the game, being that her beauty captivated thousands of players, who use her as the protagonist of illustrations or even cosplays. But she has also been chosen by companies dedicated to the sale of merchandise, being a clear example of this the new figure that not only recreates her, but does it from a much more “spicy” perspective as it is normally known, in the best H style.

Firefly impresses with new Honkai Star Rail figure

Firefly De Honkai Star Rail Presenta Su Lado Atrevido En Nueva Figura H
Firefly De Honkai Star Rail Presenta Su Lado Atrevido En Nueva Figura H

This new figure arrived to the delight of all fans of the gacha-style video game Honkai Star Rail, being that having one of the last girls added to the title as the main character, at least not in a playable way, the beautiful Firefly, is more than enough reason to attract the attention of the players. But it is also that the product itself has an excellent quality that makes it stand out from other collectibles, both in the modeling and in the materials used, plus we will see more of the “waifu” for being made in H style.

For this recreation of the character we will see that she is dressed in an outfit very similar to how she is usually seen in the same game, although taking into account that the style of the figure is H, several parts of her outfit have been modified to better fit this striking style. And as you can see, Firefly uses at least part of his original clothing, more precisely his brown vest and white shirt, and you can also see that on his head the same accessory he uses in the game.

Although this figure stands out for the good recreation of the “waifu”, the main thing that helps players to highlight it among others, is the fact of being recreated with the aforementioned H aesthetics, which, when combined with the outfit that shows us the “attributes” in detail, will delight fans. Finally, it is the stand where the product is presented that will increase the levels of “craving”, as the Honkai Star Rail girl is chained to a tentacle, so this will be a sure purchase for those who are dedicated to the collection of “waifus”.

Firefly De Honkai Star Rail Presenta Su Lado Atrevido En Nueva Figura H

The new figure that stars the beloved Firefly from the Honkai Star Rail videogame is a creation of the company Arctic Wolf Studio, which can be purchased through the different websites dedicated to the sale of these products for a price of $416 dollars. The figure is made in 1/6 scale and its release date is scheduled for the third quarter of the year 2024, more precisely it is expected to be released in September.

Honkai Star Rail is the latest release of the renowned Chinese company Hoyoverse, being that in less than a year, since it was launched in late April 2023, has been placed as one of the best gacha games that can be found in the market, largely thanks to its exciting turn-based combat. In this game we meet the “Trazacaminos”, a kind of bounty hunter who travels through different parts of the universe performing all kinds of missions, and knowing different stories full of intrigue. Honkai Star Rail is available for free on PlayStation 5, PC and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Firefly Honkai Star Rail

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