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Honkai Star Rail begins drops campaign with Twitch

As many of us know, Honkai Star Rail is a game that is slowly gaining more followers with each day and it is not surprising because with each update that comes to the game players are already waiting for the character in rotation that will be in the banner or continue the story that this game gives us on our trazacaminos and challenging worlds.

Honkai Star Rail and Twitch launch drops campaign

Honkai Star Rail Drops

The news came yesterday with a post on the X platform from the official Honkai Star Rail account telling us that together with Twitch they will start a drops campaign, which by tuning in to any streamer that has the Honkai Star Rail category and you will be able to win in-game prizes to use as you wish.

These prizes will be awarded for watching a certain amount of minutes, a live stream and you will have to link your Hoyoverse account with Twitch to be able to claim the drops, which are:

  • Follow the stream for 15 minutes and claim the reward Credit*20000
  • Follow the stream for 30 minutes and claim the reward Lost Gold Fragment*4
  • Follow the stream for 45 minutes and claim the reward Condensed Aether*5
  • Follow the stream for 1 hour and claim the reward Traveler’s Guide*3
  • Follow the stream for 2 hour and claim the reward Stellar Jade*30
Honkai Star Rail Banners

The gifts can only be redeemed once and will be updated with the release of each new update, because the start date of this campaign will be from October 10 of this year until November 8 of this year, so if you are a fan of this game and do not want to miss these wonderful rewards do not wait long to get them.

Honkai Star Rail is currently in its version 1.4 which arrived yesterday with its new characters Jingliu and soon Topaz which may be playable without forgetting that the game is available on PC, Mobile Devices and in a few days on PS5, also if you are someone who does not know the game and want to enter this world you are in time to get both characters.

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