Bocchi The Rock!

Hitori from Bocchi The Rock! returns with a daring cosplay

Both Hitori Gotoh and the entire “Bocchi The Rock!” franchise are already a fundamental part of anime fan culture, as this pretty pink-haired girl with excellent guitar skills, but who, on the contrary, manages lousy social skills has captivated fans in a big way. The combination of social anxiety and comedy offered by its main character is one of the pillars of its success. This time a cosplay of “Bocchi” takes fans by surprise in X and shows us his most attractive side.

This new cosplay of Bocchi The Rock! shows us the flirtatious side of Hitori Gotoh!

Bocchi The Rock Hitori Gotoh Atrevido Cosplay 1

This time anime fans and X users before Twitter have been pleasantly surprised with a cosplay of one of the cutest and most popular girls in the industry, we are talking about “Hitori Gotoh” who is brought to life thanks to this new impersonation by “abecker_cos“. Bocchi is mainly known for her shy and very anxious personality, but in this cosplay, Hitori shows us a very different, daring and uninhibited side. In part of the outfit we see how she wears her characteristic pastel pink sports sweatshirt with a white line on the sides.

The pink hair is a must in this cosplay of “Bocchi The Rock!”, as well as that little rebellious lock tied with a yellow and light blue dice garter. Envy me, our talented girl is also carrying her guitar case that we see on her back side, which makes us imagine that Bocchi is heading to a new and exciting performance of “Kessoku Band“. On the bottom the grey colored skirt and along with her school shoes and black cleats are also present, but this is where we get that daring twist from Bocchi.

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Hitori poses for us in a squatting position, letting us see that flirtatious side of her, as she shows us some white “pantsu” that will make fans blush and inevitably end up falling for the feminine charms of this pretty girl starring in “Bocchi The Rock! Finally, Hitori gives us a calm, charming and flirtatious look that ends up crowning a very simple but adequate cosplay and performance of this pink-haired girl.

Undoubtedly “Bocchi The Rock!“, has earned a very special place among anime fans, because remember that it has been some time since this anime was released and today continues to raise hype among all the “geeks” of the industry and especially Hitori is one of the favorite girls of cosplayers as today has been demonstrated once again thanks to the work of Alina Becker in X before Twitter.

So while we wait for new news about “Bocchi The Rock!”, we can only admire the work of the coplayers, artists and illustrators who have Hitori Gotoh as their main inspiration. Tell us in the comments section what you thought of this flirtatious and spicy personification of one of the most beloved girls by anime fans in recent years.