Honkai Star Rail

Himeko from Honkai Star Rail is recreated in a wonderful figure.

For fans of Himeko comes a new figure from Honey Peach Studio, which not only recreates the “waifu” of Honkai Star Rail, but the product will be liked by players for having different key aspects that this type of merchandise should have. And is that the figure is made with the highest quality, which lets us see all the beauty with which she is known within the same Hoyoverse game.

Fall in love with this new Himeko figure from Honkai Star Rail.

Himeko De Honkai Star Rail Es Recreada En Una Maravillosa Figura

Honkai Star Rail today has many characters, which is why companies dedicated to creating merchandise have several options to create products, such as this new figure that comes to delight all fans of the “waifu” Himeko, recreated with a level of detail that surprises. The collector’s item is made with materials of the highest quality, which can be seen in the modeling of the girl, as well as in the color palette, which perfectly recreates the beloved character.

In order to represent Himeko as faithfully as possible, we can see that she was dressed in this case with the same clothes with which she is known in the game. This consists of a white dress that covers her entire body with gold additions, where you can also see the great care to detail, as the red part of this outfit can be seen. In addition, the figure is exposed in a way that these clothes are shown off, along with some extra pieces that complement the product that every fan should add to their collection, such as her classic teacup in her left hand.

Finally there is an extra aspect that may come to shock Honkai Star Rail players, and that is that although the “waifu” is just as beautiful as ever, in this case we can see a more than obvious change in its composition. We are referring to the fact that her facial features were modified, changing the way she is known in the game for more realistic ones, so now she can be seen as she would be if she were part of our world with this new collector’s item, which, as we mentioned, is made in the same way with a great quality.

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For those interested in acquiring this figure that presents Himeko from Honkai Star Rail in a much more realistic version, you can do it from the different websites that are dedicated to the sale of these products, such as this one. The price of the object is still to be defined, but it can be set aside for about $150 dollars, being that it also has a scale of 1/4 and the release date is yet to be announced.

Honkai Star Rail, meanwhile, in less than a month will celebrate its first year on the market, so the current version of the Hoyoverse title will have many rewards for all players for the duration of the version, which has as current characters on the banner the new “waifu” Acheron and also Luocha. In this game, we will control the “Trazacaminos”, a bounty hunter who travels through different areas of the universe performing all kinds of missions, and where the combat by tunos is one of the highlights that this has. Honkai Star Rail is available on PlayStation 5 consoles, PC and iOS and Android mobile devices for free.


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