Haikyuu!! celebrates the success of its movie with new official images

Since its release in Japanese theaters, the long-awaited Haikyuu!!! movie has caused a huge furor among fans of the franchise, which has led to a resounding success at the box office. Recently, it was announced that the film had reached $541,147.70, making it the highest grossing film so far in 2024. And to mark this triumph, new artwork was released to thank fans for all the support the film has received in theaters.

Haikyuu!! illustrations to celebrate the film’s success at the box-office

Haikyuu!! Celebra El Éxito De Su Película Con Nuevas Imágenes Oficiales

Through the official Twitter/X account of the Haikyuu!!! anime, it was announced this positive result that the film, known as “The Battle of the Dumpster”, achieved by the fans of this franchise. First, they thanked all the people who have come to see the film in theaters and encouraged those who have not yet done so to live the experience. One of the images released to celebrate this fact was a new poster of the film, where we see the characters Tetsurou Kuroo and Kenma Kozume, two boys who are childhood friends, something that we can also appreciate, as they appear in their younger version playing volleyball.

The second image presents the protagonists of this film, Shoyo Hinata and Kenma Kozume, where the former has an arm around Kenma with a big smile on his face. Both are wearing their school volleyball team uniforms and Shoyo, the orange-haired protagonist of the series, has a volleyball in his other arm. In the background we see a message of thanks from Haruichi Furudate, creator of Haikyuu!!!. The translation of this text, is as follows, “I am very happy that so many people went to see The Battle of the Dumpster. Once again, thank you to everyone who comes to see the movie and to everyone who participated in making it.”

Finally, it was notified through this social network what would be the new gift that would be given to those attending the movie screenings to show appreciation for the support provided. This will be postcards with three designs of Haikyuu!! characters at random. The first image is of Kenma Kozume during the match against the main team, Karasuno, the second one is also Kenma at the top and at the bottom, two of the most beloved characters are Bokuto and Akaashi. The last design is of the captains of the Nekoma and Karasuno teams, which are Tetsurou Kuroo and Daichi Sawamura respectively.

Haikyuu!! Celebra El Éxito De Su Película Con Nuevas Imágenes Oficiales
Haikyuu!! Celebra El Éxito De Su Película Con Nuevas Imágenes Oficiales

Although Haikyuu!!! is a very beloved anime by fans around the world and they hope it will reach more countries to live the excitement with all these characters, there is still no news about a world premiere. However, in Latin America we have recently had good news regarding Haikyuu!!! such as the addition of the anime to Netflix, so fans will have more options in which to view this wonderful story. At the moment only the first season is available, but in April the rest are scheduled to arrive. Hopefully this is a good indication that sooner than we think we can enjoy this film in theaters.

Haikyuu!!! tells the story of Shoyo Hinata, a small boy who, after being captivated by a volleyball player he saw on TV, known as “The Little Giant”, decides to start playing the sport despite having no experience whatsoever. In his first high school match, his inexperienced team faces this fearsome player named Tobio Kageyama who is known as the “King of the court” who logically beats Hinata’s team, so he promises to defeat him someday. However, he gets a surprise when he starts high school and realizes that Kageyama is on the same team as him.

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