Gushing Over Magical Girls

Gushing Over Magical Girls manga goes out of print in Japan

The “hype” for “Gushing Over Magical Girls” (Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete) does not seem to end, since every week this anime causes a stir on the internet, due to some new situation full of ” sweetness” where its “waifus” are the protagonists. This popularity is also reflected in Japan, the country of origin of the work, since in social networks circulates an image that shows us that the success that the anime is having is also reflected in the manga.

Fans of “Gushing Over Magical Girls” have sold out the manga in Japanese stores!

Gushing Over Magical Girls Mahou Shoujo Ni Akogarete Mangas Agotados Japon

Since the announcement of the adaptation of the manga “Gushing Over Magical Girls” (Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete) anime fans were shocked, because this work promised us scenes full of comedy, action and above all a lot of “sweetness“, something that the anime has more than fulfilled in these weeks that has been broadcasting. Well, not in vain, every week the magical girls are trending in social networks thanks to these epic situations and thanks to the anime, those fans who still did not know this work have seen the opportunity to acquire the original work, we are talking about the manga.

This scenario of great success on the part of the anime has not gone unnoticed by many fans in Japan, to such an extent that many of them have run to their local stores in search of the manga and incredibly have left the shelves empty as shown in the image above that has had a lot of repercussion in networks. As we can see, the areas where the manga of “Gushing Over Magical Girls” is displayed are deserted, something that contrasts with the lower part where the manga of “The Apothecary Diaries”, an anime that is also having an overwhelming success this season.

Mahou Shoujo Ni Akogarete: Utena Hiiragi Te Dejará Cautivado En Evento

The reactions of many fans to this peculiar situation on the part of the fans have not been long in coming and many have already commented that following the release of the anime they have also gone to look for the manga on different platforms to be able to continue enjoying the adventures of Utena and the “Enormita” organization as the fans in Japan have done. In this sense, fans in the region have also commented that they hope that very soon one of the publishers in the region will buy the distribution rights of “Gushing Over Magical Girls” (Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete) to have it legally.

Undoubtedly this new anime of magical girls with a “sweetness” touch is from this moment an undisputed success, so it is only a matter of time for some streaming platform to bring this anime to the region. We are also sure that some publisher will soon license the rights to the manga for sale to Spanish-speaking fans.

Finally, tell us what you think of this new achievement by “Gushing Over Magical Girls” and if you are also part of that group of fans who have been looking for the manga after each episode to find out what the next “Magical Girls Wednesday” has in store for us.

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