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Grand Blue fans chose their favorite character at 10th anniversary celebration

Grand Blue or also called Grand Blue Dreaming, is one of the comedy plays that fans consider essential of the genre. Today it is our turn to remember the play again because due to the celebration of its tenth anniversary, a popularity poll was launched so that fans could choose their favorite character. For this purpose, a web page dedicated to the celebration was created where the results were also published, and the winner ended up being one of the “waifus” of the series.

Chisa Kotegawa is considered the best character of Grand Blue by fans

Grand Blue

On June 7 of this year, through its official Twitter/X account, the information about the popularity poll was made public, which was first announced through a radio program that since Friday, April 26 is broadcasted every two weeks at 7:00 pm, and you can listen to it from the official YouTube channel of NBCUniversal Anime/Music.

Below we leave you the list of the top of the list of the 32 positions that make up the ranking. The fifth place of the list is for Azusa Hamaoka, the fourth position is for Kouhei Imamura, the third place is for Sakurako Busujima, the second position belongs to Iori Kitahara and the first position is for Chisa Kotegawa. If you wish to know the complete list, we share it with you in the following link.

As expected, Grand Blue’s fans took advantage of the different publications on social networks to give their point of view about this ranking, and since it was made up of some waifus, many began to celebrate the position in which their favorite girl had been placed. But others also began to criticize why the female character they like has been in such a low position, although in the same way, and after the complaints, some of them were satisfied with the ranking.

Grand Blue

For those interested in the radio program, here are some interesting details. The host of the podcast is Anji Chika, who is the one who voices Chisato Kohinata in the anime, and in each episode she is accompanied by a voice actor who had a role in the anime. Each episode has four segments: fan letters, Grand Blue meeting, informal talks and Do you have a problem, each with its own charm and it is worth mentioning that in each episode she is accompanied by a drink to liven up the chat. This is why the program can be considered as an extension of the anime itself and a great space for Grand Blue fans.

For those unfamiliar with Grand Blue, this is a manga written by Kenji Inoue and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka, and was serialized since April 2014 in Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon of Kodansha. Likewise, the work has been licensed and translated into Spanish by Ivrea and Planeta Cómics publishers. The work inspired an anime adaptation by Zero-G studio that had 12 chapters and can be seen through the Amazon Prime Video platform.

The plot follows Iori Kitahara who moves to a small town to continue his studies, for this he stays at his uncle’s store called “Grand Blue“. During his stay he meets a diving club that is interested in getting drunk, partying, among other eccentricities instead of diving. Iori is interested and gradually becomes part of the club.

Grand Blue