Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer: Sword Maiden exhibits all its mesmerizing appeal in dazzling figure

Goblin Slayer” was one of the anime that caused more impact when its successful anime adaptation was released, because it gave us one of the best first episodes that can exist within the industry, as well as raised a problem that until then was not very well developed in the works of manga and anime, the “goblins“, because although these beings were already present in many other works, the work created by Kagyū Kumo gave them a more serious, more terrifying and more dangerous twist, something that fans ended up loving, since the combination of action, dark fantasy and horror was a total success.

However, this was not the only element that ensured the success of the adaptation, but its fantastic cast of characters was the icing on the cake and what to say, when we talk about the female characters, the priestess and the sword maiden were who many fans ended up hooking, fortunately we have good news for fans of the latter blonde waifu, as the company Ami Ami has presented a new figure that has as its protagonist the beautiful, powerful and sensual “Sword Maiden” of “Goblin Slayer”.

This is the sensual and attractive Sword Maiden figure of Goblin Slayer!

Goblin Slayer Sword Maiden Hipnotizante Figura 1
Goblin Slayer Sword Maiden Hipnotizante Figura 2
Goblin Slayer Sword Maiden Hipnotizante Figura 3

This new figure courtesy of Ami Ami shows us a very attractive side of one of the most attractive “waifus” of the “Goblin Slayer” franchise, as we can see here Sword Maiden poses for us in a very sensual way that will simply captivate us just by looking at her. In the upper part we see how our waifu wears her characteristic white veil with blue borders in the front, this veil that falls in a very elegant way on the lower part of her hair combines in a very neat and splendid way with the long blonde hair of our attractive girl.

In the middle part, Sword Maiden looks dressed in her white dress with details of fine lines of blue, a dress that impressively highlights her voluptuous body with curves, as well as enhances her large and well proportioned front attributes, the touch of elegance is not left aside, as the accessories such as the necklace, the belt and the top ornament of the sleeves in gold color, are responsible for this addition.

Finally, we can appreciate Sword Maiden of Goblin Slayer posing next to her powerful sword while showing us all her attractiveness in a very mischievous way along with a very flirtatious facial expression that is partially visible due to the black blindfold that covers her eyes. All in all, all these details described above give us a new image of Sword Maiden that only proves why she is one of the best waifus of the series.

Goblin Slayer Sword Maiden Hipnotizante Figura 4
Goblin Slayer Sword Maiden Hipnotizante Figura 5
Goblin Slayer Sword Maiden Hipnotizante Figura 6

This beautiful and hypnotizing figure based on Sword Maiden from Goblin Slayer, is constructed with PVC-ABS materials of very superior quality, at a scale of 1/7 with measures of approximately 23 cm, so this figure will fit perfectly on any shelf of your collection. The sale is already open to the public on the official website of the company and its price is 21,780 yen (146 dollars approximately).

Undoubtedly this is a collectible that shines for its fantastic representation of one of the most attractive girls of the series, a collectible that you can not miss if you are a fan of this great saga, as well as a fan of the blonde-haired waifus, tell us in the comments what you thought of this attractive figure of “Sword Maiden” of Goblin Slayer.

Sword Maiden - Goblin Slayer