Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer: Priestess and Sword Maiden show their most captivating side

Japanese company Hobby Japan has excited fans of the Goblin Slayer franchise by announcing in its official media an irresistible collaboration with the anime adaptation of this light novel that has been the talk of the otaku community. This collaboration will consist of the production of a line of products inspired by the characters “Priestess” and “Sword Maiden“.

In addition, it was specified that the products that will be exhibited in this collaboration will be available for sale to the public during the month of March of this year.

Goblin Slayer: Priestess and Sword Maiden show their most captivating side

Goblin Slayer Colab Hobby Japan 2

In these captivating products, we will be able to see how the Priestess and the Sword Maiden exhibit their most charming and attractive side by wearing some outfits that, in a way, make them blush, displaying their irresistible charm to the public.

In Priestess‘ outfit, we can see how the Hobby Japan company has dressed her in a revealing kimono that exposes her physical attractiveness. This is due to certain openings in some parts of the Priestess and also to how short it is, being a real delight for fans of this character.

In Sword Maiden’s outfit, we can see how she has been dressed in a way that gives her more comfort, since she exhibits a shirt and pants that could easily be used to sleep because of how comfortable they are for that occasion.

Goblin Slayer Colab Hobby Japan
Goblin Slayer Colab Hobby Japan 1

Goblin Slayer presents us with a world devastated by the constant threat of goblins, creatures known for their cruelty, cunning and ability to reproduce quickly. Although the most experienced adventurers often underestimate goblin-related quests in favor of those offering greater rewards, these beings represent a real plague that terrorizes the most vulnerable communities. They kidnap women of different species to perpetuate their lineage and wreak havoc wherever they go.

A brave priestess of only 15 years of age embarks on her first mission as an adventurer and her destiny becomes intertwined with that of a group of novice adventurers, full of optimism and courage, who have decided to eradicate a goblin tribe accused of the disappearance of several women in a nearby village. However, their inexperience and lack of preparation lead them into an ambush deep inside a goblin cave, where they find themselves in grave danger. When all hope seems lost, an unexpected savior emerges: the dreaded Goblin Slayer.

The Goblin Slayer, a Silver-ranked warrior whose name instills respect and fear in equal measure, not only saves the priestess from imminent doom, but also eradicates the entire goblin colony with impressive efficiency. Inviting the young priestess to join his mission to wipe out the goblin plague, the ‘Goblin Slayer’ embarks on a tireless crusade to assist the Adventurer’s Guild in all matters concerning these monsters.

Along with a diverse team of companions, including a high elf, a dwarf and a lizard man, this unyielding warrior will not stop until the last of these creatures are exterminated from the borderlands. In this tale of bravery and perseverance, the Goblin Slayer and his team will face all manner of obstacles in their never-ending fight against the goblin menace.