Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline brings us the beautiful ZB-26 in this incredible figure.

Fans of collectible figures and especially Girls Frontline will be quite happy for the new figure of the beautiful ZB-26, as this new figure shows us the beautiful girl in a wedding dress, ready for her wedding ceremony. However, we note that the girl will not be able to have her celebration so easily, as enemies have destroyed her majestic dress, so she is ready to take her revenge.

ZB-26 from Girls Frontline shows us his more daring and dangerous side in this wonderful figure.

The figure shows us a very interesting color palette, as we can see that the color of her wedding dress is not the classic and characteristic white that we are used to see, but rather it seems that she chose the color relying on a more creamy white tone. While her hair color makes an interesting contrast with her dress, it feels so natural the purple color, contrasting with the creamy white color of her dress.

No doubt ZB-26 had everything planned for her wedding in the Girls Frontline game, but even if her dress was wonderful, the figure shows us that the girl had to interrupt her wedding due to her dress being ruined. We notice that the dress is completely torn from the waist up, it is not known what exactly happened for her beautiful dress to end up like that, but no doubt ZB-26 will not stand idly by, because if we pay attention to her right arm, we will see that she has a weapon to defend herself on her special day.


We see that the body figure of ZB-26 from Girls Frontline is quite attractive, even with her destroyed dress. In addition, the pose that has been chosen for this figure is quite suggestive and leaves much to the imagination of both fans of the Girls Frontline game and fans of the girl and especially fan collectors of anime and video game figures. The expression on her face denotes that she is very angry, but at the same time she really wants to cry for ruining such a beautiful dress and especially such a special day.

The girl deserves to have a special day for herself, after all the Girls Frontline game is an RPG, so the lovely ZB-26 deserves to have a special detail. Undoubtedly, the acquisition of this figure will be a very strong point for anyone who displays it on their shelf, and it will be the figure that steals the looks of all those who are interested in obtaining it, not to mention that a good space will have to be left to be able to display it.

The figure will have a scale of 1/7, will have an approximate height of 26.1 cm, a width of 17.9 cm and a diameter of 16.9 cm, its material of elaboration will be PVC. The pre-order price will be $223.35 dollars, and it will be delivered approximately in September of this year 2024 in Japan, no official release date has been given for the rest of the world.

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