Gimai Seikatsu

Gimai Seikatsu unveiled its premiere and new details

A few days ago, the official media for the anime adaptation of the light novel “Gimai Seikatsu” (Days with my Stepsister) promised the public that new information about the TV anime would be released on January 15. The day set by the production committee of the series has arrived and the promise has been fulfilled and today the premiere month of the anime “Gimai Seikatsu” was announced.

Gimai Seikatsu anime to premiere in July 2024

El Anime De Romance Gimai Seikatsu Anunció Su Estreno Para 2024

According to information provided on the Gimai Seikatsu anime’s Twitter/X account, the series is scheduled to premiere in Japan during the course of July this year. Along with this news, visuals showing the character design of Saki Ayase (AV: Yuki Nakashima) and Yuuta Asamura (AV: Kouhei Amasaki) have also been presented.

Gimai Seikatsu Anime
Gimai Seikatsu Anime 1

As a reminder, a few months ago the production team involved in the anime adaptation of the Gimai Seiktasu light novel was announced: The director of the anime will be Takehiro Ueno, who has previously worked on anime such as Boruto and Hataraku Saibou. The animation studio “Studio DEEN” is in charge of the production of the anime.

Mitsutaka Hirota, known for his work on Kanojo, Okarishimasu and Hunter x Hunter 2011, will be in charge of composing the anime. Character design for the anime will be in the hands of Manabu Nii, who has worked on Akiba Maid War and Kami-sama ni Natta Hi.

Voice Cast Members:

  • Kohei Amasaki As Yuta Asamura
  • Yuki Nakashima As  Saki Ayase
  • Minori Suzuki As  Shiori Yomiuri
  • Daiki Hamano As Tomokazu Maru
  • Maaya Sakamoto As Ayu Suzuki
Gimai Seikatsu Anime Visual

Gimai Seikatsu, also known as Days With My Stepsister in the West, is a light romance and Slice of Life novel that is written by Ghost Mikawa and illustrated by Hiten. The work began publication at Kadokawa Publishing House’s MF Bunko J imprint from January 2021.

The work Gimai Seikatsu has a manga adaptation by Yumika Kanade, and began its publication through the website Shonen Ace Plus of the Kadokawa publishing house since July 2021.

Recall that the anime adaptation of the light novel “Gimai Seikatsu” was announced at the event “MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2022“.

Gimai Seikatsu Nl Vol 1

Gimai Seikatsu” presents the life of Yuuta Asamura, who finds himself in a new family dynamic after his father remarries, introducing a new stepsister, Saki Ayase, into his life. The plot revolves around a mutual promise to each other to keep a comfortable distance and avoid any conflict, based on lessons learned from their parents’ past experiences.

Saki, the newly arrived stepsister, stands out as the number one beauty in her school, but her life has been marked by responsibility and the need to care for her family alone. This situation has affected her ability to trust others. Yuuta, on the other hand, finds himself in a dilemma about how to genuinely interact with her. As the two explore their coexistence, they gradually discover the comfort of living together, overcoming the initial barriers of disconnection.

The relationship between these two main characters evolves from the initial awkwardness of being virtual strangers to becoming friends over the course of days.

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