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Genshin Impact’s Yaoyao gets more adorable as a nurse in mod

Genshin Impact is a video game that stands out for various reasons, but it is undoubtedly the large number of characters available one of the strongest points it has, especially because this variety gives the opportunity to its community to create all kinds of content, from cosplays that are surprising for the quality with which they are made or illustrations with a variety of styles, But we can also find the famous mods, which seek to give a new look to the characters, as a clear example of this we have the new work that has as its protagonist the adorable Yaoyao, which increases this characteristic of her by dressing her as a pretty nurse.

Yaoyao dresses up as a cute nurse in new Genshin Impact mod

Yaoyao De Genshin Impact Enseña Su Lado Más Adorable Como Enfermera En Mod
Yaoyao De Genshin Impact Enseña Su Lado Más Adorable Como Enfermera En Mod

This new mod surprised the players of the gacha-style title Genshin Impact for different reasons, being one of the main ones to have as main character the adorable Yaoyao, very loved within the same community of the game for this reason, but also the mod allows to increase even more her adorable side thanks to dress her as a cute nurse to the liking of all the players of the title Genshin Impact.

And as we can see in the different illustrative images that accompany the work Yaoyao receives a total change of appearance, being that she leaves aside her original outfit she uses in Genshin Impact, which consists of a full body dress which is made in a palette of green and brown colors very consistent with the aesthetics of the character, and which is now wearing a nice nurse outfit in pink and white colors, where we can also see the great work of the mod, as it contains classic accessories of this type of attire as a small medical bag or the headband on her head.

In addition, this mod is not made at random, as those who know Yaoyao will know that within the gameplay of Genshin Impact her role in the team is that of “healer”, the one in charge of healing the teammates who need it during combat, And if she is now combined with this cute nurse outfit we see that not only is it designed to increase Yaoyao’s adorableness, but also in-game the change of outfit will be more than in accordance with how the character is played, so her fans will be happy with this mod thanks to these changes.

Yaoyao De Genshin Impact Enseña Su Lado Más Adorable Como Enfermera En Mod
Yaoyao De Genshin Impact Enseña Su Lado Más Adorable Como Enfermera En Mod

Yaoyao is one of the characters of Genshin Impact that has one of the most interesting stories regarding her debut in the game, and her first appearance was in the beginning of the title with an official illustration that showed her together with Qiqi, but it would not be a few years later, and with the release of the Dendro element, that Yaoyao finally made her playable debut, becoming one of the best units in her element and very loved by the fans, who had to wait a long time to finally play with this adorable girl.

Genshin Impact, on the other hand, started less than a week ago the long-awaited second part of version 4. 3, which not only added a combat event where several characters of the game are used and players can obtain rewards, such as primogems, the currency used in the gacha system, but also marked the arrival of two “waifus” very dear to the community, since both Shogun Raiden and Yoimiya are available to be obtained through the corresponding banners until the end of the version in the last days of January. Genshin Impact is available for free download on PS4/PS5, mobile devices and PC.

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