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Genshin Impact’s Shogun Raiden, Furina and Hu Tao dress up as bunnies

The video game Genshin Impact is one of the most popular titles within the genre, both for its excellent story and combat system, but especially for the “waifus”, which are always recreated in all kinds of works, such as these new illustrations featuring Furina, Shogun Raiden and Hu Tao. But these images also stand out from others because of the clothes they are wearing, as we see them all dressed as cute bunnies, always to delight fans of the Hoyoverse game.

Genshin Impact “waifus” dress up as bunnies in these new fanarts

Shogun Raiden, Furina Y Hu Tao De Genshin Impact Se Visten Como Conejitas
Shogun Raiden, Furina Y Hu Tao De Genshin Impact Se Visten Como Conejitas

These new images arrived to the surprise of the fans of Genshin Impact gacha style video game, being that the main attraction is to have recreated some of the most recognized girls that the title has, such as Shogun Raiden, Furina and Hu Tao, all of them loved for their undeniable beauty. But the girls are also using a very recognized style of clothing that makes them much more “craveable”, we refer in this case to cute bunny outfits.

And as can be seen in the different images we see that the clothes with the Genshin Impact girls are recreated in the game, such as the purple ornamental kimono with gold details of Shogun Raiden or the black trench coat with red details of Hu Tao, are no longer available. In these images we see that all the “waifus” are wearing one of the most recognized clothing within the internet communities, we refer to the bunny costumes that are so popular, which are composed of a corset that covers the upper body, accentuating many of the key areas of the girls.

But that’s not all, since the “waifus”, thanks to this same clothing, take the opportunity to perform all kinds of poses, which allow us to better see the feminine qualities they possess and being three girls, the variety of bodies is something that will satisfy all fans of Genshin Impact. Finally, although these outfits may not seem to correspond to how they are usually seen, the truth is that they only further enhance the beauty they are known for, so fans will love these images.

Genshin Impact Furina Conejita Scaled

Furina, Shogun Raiden and Hu Tao, although very different in terms of design, have a lot in common, especially within the Genshin Impact community, as they are some of the most loved girls out of all of them, since there are so many waifus in the game, being so loved is a remarkable achievement. In addition, all three of them have great combat skills, being that they are placed in some of the best teams to play with, so this combination lets us see why these waifus are so loved.

Genshin Impact is one of the most relevant gacha-style video games that exist within the genre, even managing to surpass its predecessor within the developer Hoyoverse, Honkai Impact 3rd, thus becoming the most representative game. In this game we will find an exciting story of two brothers, where one is traveling the continent of Teyvat in search of the other, while fighting against different enemies in real-time battles where you can use different elements, such as Electro or Dendro. Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 5, PC and iOS and Android mobile devices for free.

Furina Genshin Impact

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