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Genshin Impact’s beautiful Layla debuts winter look in new mod

The Genshin Impact community is one of the most active that we can see on the internet and thanks to the large number of “waifus” that the title has, it is not surprising that it has a lot of material to create all kinds of content, which can be represented in the form of illustrations or cosplays, but there are also some that use these girls as the protagonist of the recognized “mods”, which seek to give new facets to these, such as this work done by a user and that is based on the beautiful Layla, in this case dressing her with an adorable outfit for the winter.

Layla from Genshin Impact presents new look in mod

La Bella Layla De Genshin Impact Estrena Look Invernal En Nuevo Mod

This new mod was published by the user amoleru in the popular page where this type of work is shared known as Gamebanana, and it has as its protagonist one of the most beautiful girls that the gacha style title Genshin Impact has in its ranks, Layla, and this allows her to completely change her appearance, with an outfit that in the best winter style shows us a new facet of the “waifu” to the delight of all her fans.

And being that the change of attire is the most important aspect of this mod, we see that the classic dress that Layla uses, which is composed of a black tunic with a white front and indigo puffed sleeves, accompanied by white tights with golden rings around the left thigh and golden sandals are totally changed, She now wears an outfit which corresponds even more with our world and consists of a pink sweater, a shirt with bolados and a brown skirt, which shows us a more casual side of the character of Genshin Impact.

But in addition to the change of attire, which is what will attract the attention of fans, what is also transformed in this work is the physical appearance of Layla, more precisely in her hair, as she originally uses a loose hairstyle that ends in three different tails, but that was transformed in this mod to now be using two pigtails on top of her head, so fans of the character of Genshin Impact will be more than happy with this work.

Layla Genshin Impact

Layla is a character that within the community of Genshin Impact has a good amount of fans, and although its usefulness within the game is not achieved compared to others that are placed in the goal of the title, those who love the character use it to get the most out of it in the same way, and there are several aspects that make this girl in a very dear, from the great original design that has or the sleepy personality that leads to comic situations within the story of the game make this a girl who has managed to win the hearts of fans.

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular free to play gacha style video games on the market, and part of its popularity is based on the large number of characters available in its template, which with each new update are expanding and their designs have managed to become the favorites of many fans. In addition, Genshin Impact has a game system where real-time combat and the combination of the different elements that make up this universe (Cryo, Pyro, etc.) is one of its strongest points.

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