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Genshin Impact’s Eula sports a lovely wedding dress in illustration

It’s been a while since Eula arrived in the world of Genshin Impact and stole the hearts of many with her beauty, which is reflected in her fighting style, where we see her portrait a delicate and meticulous dance, which expresses her dedication to perform such a charming choreography. But Eula is not only focused on the visual, as she has shown in the game to be one of the best characters for the adventures, as her strength and skills are very well-used when she has the right equipment.

Eula, like other characters from Genshin Impact, has known how to stand out from the game not only staying in it, but being present in different products such as plushies, pins, posters, or the illustrations that are shared every day through social networks so that the fans of the character can enjoy one of the many things in which their favorite character can be presented, as it is presented on this occasion, as we have recently been shown a striking illustration about Eula.

Genshin Impact: Eula surprises fans by showing up in a wedding dress

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As we have just seen in the image, Eula from Genshin Impact is presented to us as radiant and charming for such a moving occasion as a wedding. Eula expresses a warm smile caused by the moment she is in, we can even see her with blushing cheeks and slightly teary eyes, as she feels the emotion of finally being engaged to the person she appreciates the most in life.

In the wedding dress we can see that it has an incredible finish that makes one doubt about its quality, as we observe only in the veil of the dress a crown with jewels in which a blue jewel stands out, a color that characterizes the character, but this is not all, as we also see a matching hairpin, and not to mention the ornament that rests on her neck.

But the rest of the dress is not far behind, as it features lace with a flower pattern, another sample of the delicacy that the character expresses. The garment shows to be one piece and which defines quite well the physique of the character, showing in a quite daring way, but without crossing the line, the bust area, the lower part is another strong point, as it is composed of ruffles, which reminds us of the tides of the ocean, another detail that matches the character of Genshin Impact.

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This illustration of Genshin Impact was quickly well received by the fans, who mentioned that they would like to see their “waifus” from Genshin Impact wearing a beautiful wedding dress. This is quite understandable, because on many occasions the fans of the games and even the animes eagerly await to see more outfits of their favorite characters, and that when they do not find in any official medium illustrations on how they would look, they resort to see the ideas shared by the users of social networks.

Remember also to support the content creators and artists who strive day after day to bring quality material to the fans, as they more than anyone know that the users seek that their favorite characters are used to show them in another type of situations that unfortunately were not shown during their main projects and that they seek in one way or another to see what they would do in another situation or even see them a few years after having concluded their adventure.

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