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Genshin Impact’s Charlotte captivates with her new mod outfit

Genshin Impact‘s cute reporter Charlotte has quickly become one of the most beloved girls within the game’s community, which as we know is very active on social networks with all kinds of works, from the ever-present illustrations that stand out for the talent of the artists or cosplays based on the characters. And now this beautiful “waifu” has been selected by a fan to be the protagonist of a mod, being that the work gives her a new outfit, which helps to further enhance its recognized beauty.

Charlotte enamors Genshin Impact players in new mod

Charlotte De Genshin Impact Cautiva Con Su Nuevo Atuendo En Mod

This mod was published on the renowned Gamebanana page, popular for being one of the main websites where this type of work is shared, in this case by the user Prosto123 and which has as its protagonist one of the most beloved characters by the Genshin Impact community, the journalist Charlotte. And in this work the main change that is made is in her clothes, which receive a total redesign, as well as a new color palette.

Those who are familiar with the character of Genshin Impact, will notice how in the images that accompany the mod, Charlotte is no longer using the classic clothing seen in the game and that stands out for being very similar to the one used by the ticket inspectors of the trains, in a palette of bordo and white colors. In this work we see Charlotte wearing a light brown top with sleeves on each of her arms, along with a skirt and black boots on her legs, to show a new side of this pretty girl.

But the changes are not only here, this mod stands out for allowing a great level of customization for the user, as you can both add and remove an adorable black beret with a headdress of your choice or her monocle that also has this very useful feature. Finally, Charlotte’s fans can rest assured that the beauty of Genshin Impact’s character is not altered, but is maintained and enhanced thanks to this new outfit that came to captivate players.

Charlotte De Genshin Impact Cautiva Con Su Nuevo Atuendo En Mod

Charlotte is one of the most beloved girls in the Genshin Impact community, and she quickly became one of the favorites since her first appearance as a non-playable character, which exuded joy and a beauty that stands out from the first moment. Once she became an official part of the game’s roster, fans found in her one of the best healers of all, being present in many teams, so this combination of aspects gives us the reason for her popularity with the players.

Genshin Impact is a gacha style video game that puts us in the shoes of the “Traveler”, a character who has a tragic story where losing his family member is the main problem he has, this is when he wakes up in the continent of Teyvat and sets out on a mission to find him by all possible means. It is because of this that he begins to travel through the different regions that make up this world, plagued by monsters, but for his salvation he will not only have a guide, Paimon, but he will be able to use the elements of this world (Anemo, Hydro, etc.) to face them in exciting battles in real time.

Charlotte Genshin Impact

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