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Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden surprises with new outfit

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular video games in the world, and it has given us a lot of characters that became iconic within the same community, either for its quality within the gameplay of the game or mainly for its varied designs, and if we have to look at a name that falls into these descriptions Shogun Raiden is one of the first, being that it has a lot of fans within the same game, which constantly devote all kinds of works, from illustrations to mods that change their clothing, like this one that allows you to see her in a completely different way to his person: With a much more casual outfit.

Genshin Impact’s Shogun Raiden debuts new outfit in mod

Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden Sorprende Con Este Cambio De Look
Shogun Raiden Mod 2 Scaled
Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden Sorprende Con Este Cambio De Look

From the popular page to share modifications of all kinds of games known as Gamebanana, the user rayvich shared his work for the delight of all fans of the free to play video game gacha style Genshin Impact, as this allows changing the clothing of one of the most popular “waifus” that this has in its template, Shogun Raiden, for clothes that present it in a way never seen before, in the best casual and relaxed style.

For those who know the character of Genshin Impact will notice that the biggest change in his attire is given by leaving aside that kimono in purple colors full of different accessories that correspond to his status of Archon, to now be wearing an outfit that consists of a white top, gray jeans and black heels, along with the addition of a small pink bag so we can see Shogun Raiden in the most relaxed way possible, even looking like he belongs to our world with these clothes.

And is that showing us Shogun Raiden with this more casual look is completely counteracted with her rank within the same game, since in her role as Archon Electro she is always shown in a much more serious and elegant way, so this mod allows fans to know an unknown facet of her “waifu”. To support the user do not forget to like his content and share it so that in the future he continues to bring more of this type of work.

Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden Sorprende Con Este Cambio De Look
Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden Sorprende Con Este Cambio De Look

As we mentioned before, Shogun Raiden is one of the most popular girls of all Genshin Impact, placing in most cases as the most important character of all, either within the story for being one of the most powerful beings of all, the Archon Electro, or for being one of the strongest units to play, but undoubtedly its main attraction is the beauty that jumps to the eye from the first moment, with one of the best worked designs and that places her as one of the best “waifus” of all.

Genshin Impact is a free to play video game gacha style where the player takes the role of the “Traveler” a character who wakes up without many memories of his past in the continent of Teyvat, but with a clear objective, to find his lost brother / a, for it will go into the different regions that make up this territory to achieve its mission, but it will not be easy task, as several enemies will stand in your way, but thanks to the different elements (Cryo, Electro, Dendro, etc.. ) that exist in this world, he will be able to confront them.

Along the way, the player will encounter many characters, which can be acquired through the game’s gacha system and are essential to assemble the different teams that will be vital to obtain victory in battles full of action and excitement. Genshin Impact is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices, PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 5 and PC.

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