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Genshin Impact bring new waifus, events and more with 4.8 update

A few hours ago, the renowned gacha-style video game Genshin Impact presented its next update, the 4.8, and as usual, it did it through a stream in which it announced to the players all the new features that will come with it, which were not few. The new update, which will be released in a few weeks, confirmed the arrival of new events, skins for beloved characters, a new “waifu” that will be playable and ended with a video that surprised many, as it shows Natlan, the next region of the game.

Genshin Impact delights us with previews of its new update

Genshin Impact Nilou

The 4.8 update of Genshin Impact will be called “Summertide Scale and Tales”, The new version will be very promising because of the great updates, cute characters and one of the new open-world maps that will be included in this multiplatform game.

As usual, Hoyoverse has given small descriptions of the surprises, new playable characters, special skins and events that the 4.8 update of Genshin Impact will have. One of the main attractions will be the limited time map called “Simulanka”, which will be made up of origami creatures and clockwork in unique regions, keeping what characterizes the title: its open world.

And undoubtedly one of the most striking additions is the cute Emilie, a female character that had been announced some time ago, but that will now be able to join the staff. As for her play style, she will be a 5-star Dendro spear user with the characteristic of inflicting even more damage to enemies that are burned, something interesting considering that the next region, Natlan, is the nation of fire.

On the other hand, Genshin Impact will bring new outfits, one for Nilou the “Breeze of Sabaa” that will be available at a discount from the store and one for Kirara “Phantom in Boots” that will be free. Among the big updates are some mini-games and small collections, this to get Kirara’s outfit and the “Good Frames” furniture that were also announced.

In the “Optimizations” section, some “Encounter Points” were announced with the purpose of storing points and using them by consuming “Original Resin” to claim some daily commission rewards. A reduction in “World Boss Reuse” time will also be available, as many will go from their base wait time of 2 minutes to as little as 10 seconds, something players have been waiting for for quite some time.

Some of the other updates in version 4.8 of Genshin Impact are the character banners, these will be divided into 2 phases, in the first one you will be able to get Emilie who will be accompanied by Yelan. For the second phase there will be reruns of Navia and Nilou, being that this new update of the Hoyoverse game will be launched on July 17, 2024.

Finally, Hoyoverse and Genshin Impact to increase the hype even more in the future, shared a video of Natlan, the next region that will come in version 5.0 in a few months, which as usual is one of the most anticipated by all fans. In this video we could see a little more of the nation of fire, but especially new characters, whose names are not yet known, what is known is that they will be a girl of the Geo element, a girl who uses the Hydro and finally a young man of the Dendro element. Now we can only wait for more news for the game to be announced as the weeks go by.

Genshini Impact 4.8