Genshin Impact and Nikke unite two of their “waifus” thanks to mod

The gacha genre is loaded with many popular titles, being that both Genshin Impact and The Goddess of Victory: Nikke stand out, and the community of both games are very active in social networks, creating content of all kinds where the “waifus” are usually the faces of these works. And now a fan of the franchises decided to unite them in a way that will please all players, as he created a mod for Genshin Impact that adds the character Sin de Nikke instead of the Archon Electro Shogun Raiden.

Nikke’s Sin comes to Genshin Impact in this amazing mod

Genshin Impact Y Nikke Unen A Dos De Sus “Waifus” Gracias A Mod
Genshin Impact Y Nikke Unen A Dos De Sus “Waifus” Gracias A Mod

This new mod was shared by Archast, a user belonging to the renowned Gamebanana page, which surprised fans of two of the most popular gacha-style games that exist, such as The Goddess of Victory: Nikke and Genshin Impact by uniting two “waifus” very dear to the players. This mod allows Sin, one of the characters belonging to Nikke to take the place of Shogun Raiden, with a work that stands out for its high quality, so fans will appreciate it.

Those Genshin Impact players will notice how this mod changes the character Shogun Raiden for Nikke’s Sin, since he is no longer wearing the classic super elegant kimono in purple colors as well as gold details, but now he wears other clothes. In order to recreate Sin as faithfully as possible we see that this mod perfectly represents the character of Nikke, using in this case a white top with black leggings that end in boots on his feet.

Finally, a detail to highlight is how this mod is not a random choice, since both girls are very similar, especially in the upper area, where both their hair color, which is black with purple details, presents the best of the two “waifus”. In addition, this work has a great quality in its creation, since the details are taken care of to the maximum, which can be seen in some accessories, such as Sin’s mouth cover that is recreated or also the “ears” in the form of speakers, so that fans of Genshin Impact will feel the sensation of playing with her.

Genshin Impact Y Nikke Unen A Dos De Sus “Waifus” Gracias A Mod

The Goddess of Victory: Nikke is one of the gacha style videogames that has more fans worldwide, being that the great amount of “waifus” available in its staff is one of the most important points to understand why it is so loved, with a variety that adapts to the tastes of any player. In this title we will become the “Commander” of a resistance group that seeks to recover the planet that is under siege by beings known as “Raptures”. For this we will have at our disposal some artificially created soldiers called Nikke and that besides being pretty girls, they have a great ability for combat.

On the other hand, Genshin Impact has been able to stand out for having a game system where real-time combat with the use of elements (Geo, Dendro, etc.) is added to a story that expands with each new update. In this title developed by the company Hoyoverse we will meet the “Traveler”, who will travel all over the continent of Teyvat in search of something very precious to him, such as his lost relative, meeting new friends, as well as enemies that will get in his way, in an adventure full of emotion and action.

Genshin Impact Y Nikke Unen A Dos De Sus “Waifus” Gracias A Mod

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