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Frieren de Sousou no Frieren surprises with modern look

The powerful sorceress Frieren, protagonist of the acclaimed Sousou no Frieren franchise, has managed to steal the hearts of millions of people thanks to her beauty, charisma and the great power she always demonstrates in the story. That is why fans are always capturing the image of the sorceress in different ways, either as original art, cosplay or any other way that allows them to express their love for this character. This time, a Twitter/X user, shows us a Frieren with a more modern outfit than we know in some arts made with AI.

The protagonist of Sousou no Frieren shows off her spectacular figure in a modern outfit.

Sousou No Frieren: La Bella Frieren Se Moderniza En Artes Hechos Por Una Ia

The user @IAanimeArt through Twitter/X was the one who shows us these images of the beautiful Frieren, where she wears a costume somewhat different from what we are used to see in the Sousou no Frieren anime. In these arts, we see the sorceress with the same cape over her shoulders that we already know, however, the rest is quite different. In the first one, we see a black top with white that goes from the chest to above the navel, so as it is low-cut, this allows Frieren to show off her attributes, at the bottom she wears denim shorts, along with brown boots that reach her thigh.

In the next image, we see a very similar outfit, only that the top is shorter, only reaching down to the bottom of her “weft” and all the abdomen is exposed, so, in the same way, we can see Frieren showing off her figure, wearing denim shorts, but unlike the previous image we can’t see the brown boots. Some elements that prevail from the typical image we remember of Sousou no Frieren are: her long white hair combed in two pigtails and of course, we can’t miss her beautiful and big green eyes, in her face, the sorceress wears a happy expression, making her look quite tender.

The followers of this account really liked the result obtained in these images of the protagonist of Sousou no Frieren and so they expressed it in the comments saying things like: “She is beautiful”, which is a very frequent message when it comes to something related to Frieren, because something that all fans agree on is that the sorceress is not only very powerful and skilled, but also has a beauty that not only managed to dazzle Himmel, but also did it with the followers of this series. What do you think of these arts?

Sousou No Frieren: La Bella Frieren Se Moderniza En Artes Hechos Por Una Ia

A few months after the end of its first season, Sousou no Frieren continues to increase its popularity and reap success in both its anime and manga, for example the recent news that the manga had reached the figure of 21 million copies sold, as mentioned in this note. Fans are still waiting for a sequel to be confirmed, since it is definitely a story that left us wanting to know more about this world and its characters.

Its narrative, animation and music, all these elements together, were the ideal mix to enchant the fans, getting them hooked with this story and wanting to see more of the adventures that our beloved Frieren has to tell us. Due to the huge success that this franchise has had so far, it would not be surprising that we will soon have a release date for a second season of Sousou no Frieren, so at this point we can only wait for the time to come.

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