Frieren and Shrek go viral in epic crossover

By now we all know the phenomenon that is Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End), since this work came to the anime industry it has won a place in the hearts of its viewers, its story is catching, its characters are charming and the soundtrack is another point in its favor, so it is not surprising that several fans take some characters to create their own art.

Frieren de Sousou no Frieren takes a ride on a motorcycle

Recently, a short video with the beautiful elf of Sousou no Frieren has given enough to talk about on the Twitter platform, the user @tyronestash3 shared a post that is quite curious, in which we can see a video that has a duration of 20 seconds, the whole video is in black and white, here the interesting thing are the protagonists of the same.

On the one hand, we can see the protagonist of Sousou no Frieren with an empty look and leaning on the back of an ogre, not just any ogre, she is hugging the protagonist of the famous Shrek film, several users made comments like “I wish to see more of this Lore”, “This is the most difficult gif I’ve ever seen in my life! or “This is very retro” and “Great job”.

Sousou No Frieren Frieren Meme Antojador Mini

The video shows us Frieren of Sousou no Frieren as we said before, hugging Shrek, the characters are strategically placed in a medium short shot, which goes from the chest or bust of the characters to the head, this is done to show us the expressions of the characters and you know what else this shot transmits, it serves to show intimacy.

Shrek is smoking while driving the motorcycle and Frieren is lost in her thoughts, we see how the bike goes from one side to another, while a song plays in the background, the lights dance on the face of the characters, Frieren’s hair goes from one side to another moved by the wind and the cigarette smoke is disappearing, certainly the video has a very romantic touch.

Sousou No Frieren Aumenta El Hype De Otakus Con Nuevo Avance

As a user commented, this video has a very retro touch, although we know Frieren from Sousou no Frieren and Shrek from the franchise that bears the same name, these characters were taken and adapted to a completely different style, of course, without losing its essence, the new somewhat old style suits them wonderfully.

Here we are witnessing what a fan can achieve when he wants to express himself artistically, this user took two characters from totally different franchises such as Sousou no Frieren and Sherk and created a completely alternative work where he showed us his own artistic vision and style.

Sousou No Frieren Frieren Ilustración 0101

Recall that the Fanart is a form of artistic expression, which is often made by fans of a work, where you can take characters, situations or universes and reinvent them completely, many of these works stand out for their creativity and unique styles that often leave fans surprised.

This user gave us an incredible fanart of Sousou no Frieren and Shrek, it is appreciated that as in the video of this note, there are many people who share their art, we can see that this video was made with love, it was creative and also paid tribute not only to one, but two characters from franchises that have nothing to do with each other, we hope to see more works of this style where we witness other interesting collaborations.

Sousou No Frieren: Frieren Inspira Adorable Figura Nendoroid

The anime adaptation of the manga Sousou no Frieren began broadcasting in Japan on September 29 this year. The renowned animation studio Madhouse is in charge of its production and the series is legally distributed in Latin America through the Crunchyroll platform. In addition, an English dub is being worked on for the series.

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