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Seductive figure of To Love-Ru exhibits Elsie’s fascinating talents

Arriving as a dazzling star of the To Love-Ru franchise, Run Elsie Jewelria, an attractive girl of the Memorze race, brings with her the charms of an idol in a figure presented by the company “Union Creative”, who has taken it upon themselves to represent a dark version of this cheerful woman, making present the greatest charms detailed in the figure, which no fan should overlook.

A figure of Elsie full of coquetry that delights To Love-Ru fans

To Love Ru Run Elsie Figura 05

A piece presented by the company “Union Creative”, who has a journey making different figures of different franchises, this time being the turn of To Love-Ru, stepping forward Elsie, a radiant idol who lives in love with our protagonist Rito, now wearing a seductive costume full of darkness and beautiful charms.

From her long green hair that falls down her body supported by her limbs, she combines her deep brown eyes with her black attire. Two garments, one on her chest that drapes delicately, exposing her abdomen, connecting to her lower garment that leads to a dark shoe. Her expression is suggestive in a seductive pose, a remarkable figure.

A 1/6 scale figure 13 centimeters tall made of ATBC, PVC and ABS materials beautifully detailed with colors that stand out, besides being able to stand firm, the figure is not articulable. A perfect piece to put on the shelves of the collection of cute girls, the dark side of the beauty of this character of To Love-Ru, although if you want a daring Momo Deviluke, another of the beauties of the series, you can find a special figure in this note on our page.

To Love Ru Run Elsie Figura 04
To Love Ru Run Elsie Figura 02

A really beautiful piece that offers an interesting glimpse of the character Elsie, this can be ordered now, for the price of 159 dollars, this does not add the amount of shipping, which varies depending on where you live. The release date of this figure is for September of this same year 2024, if you want to order this figure, you can do it from here.

Now going deeper into the character of Run Elsie Jewelria, who is an attractive and brilliant girl, direct rival of Lala in To Love-Ru for the love of Rito. She is a girl with such attractiveness that she was immediately chosen as an idol to exploit her talents as best as possible, it is not difficult to say that she is brilliant, being of a spice called Memorze, having a change of appearance depending on the situation, ending up in a character with an uncertain past.

To Love Ru Run Elsie Ilustracion 02