The Dangers in My Heart

Fans of The Dangers in My Heart say anime is getting boring

The romcom The Dangers in My Heart (Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu) has given a lot to talk about thanks to the premiere of its second season last January, the story of the lonely student who dreams of taking revenge against everyone in his class and then ends up falling in love with a classmate has brought smiles to more than one, so what happened?

Internet users claim that The Dangers in My Heart became boring after the main characters entered into a relationship.

Fans De The Dangers In My Heart Aseguran Que El Anime Se Está Volviendo Aburrido

Apparently, in internet forums several fans have expressed that the story of The Dangers in My Heart with the passage of each chapter is becoming somewhat boring to watch, they claim that in the beginning the work was a little more fun, this game of tug-of-war made viewers stay tuned with each update, but, once the protagonists are together, what’s next?

One of the most talked about fundamentals is the following ” Romantic comedies are shonen manga, so it’s a story that you have to experience for yourself after you start dating”. Many fans say that in different romcom works, once the main couple is together that’s where it all ends, and apparently The Dangers in My Heart is no exception.

Fans De The Dangers In My Heart Aseguran Que El Anime Se Está Volviendo Aburrido

While many fans are sad because they believe The Dangers in My Heart has no more to offer, we must say that in many romantic works the story does not always end when the characters start dating, it depends on the objective and the new perspective that you want to give to the relationship of the protagonists, we can focus on the fears, insecurities, obstacles or various obstacles that threaten the relationship.

Now, there are works that decide to conclude when the characters become a couple, there are other works that enjoy exploring the challenges involved in a relationship, we can talk about the personal growth of the characters, since it is not easy to have a partner and often the protagonists are experiencing for the first time the sweetness of love.

The fact that the characters of The Dangers in My Heart are already a couple does not mean that their story is over, for the moment we can only wait to see what direction the authors want to give to the work, on the other hand, there are many works that show us that once the relationship begins the anime does not necessarily end, there is still much to tell, it is fun and nice to follow the beginning of a love story, but imagine witnessing what the characters go through to stay together.

An example of such works is undoubtedly Lovely Complex, the story follows Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani, two high school boys who are well known, Risa for being exceptionally tall and Otani for being very short. Despite being inseparable friends, they face challenges romantically due to their height, as they are both attracted to taller people. They decide to help each other in their love goals and, in the process, discover their own feelings.

Lovely Complex

Regardless of what is said about The Dangers in My Heart, we recommend you to give its story a chance and discover for yourself if it is worth it, the story revolves around Kyotaro Ichikawa, who as we said before, is someone lonely who dreams of getting revenge on his classmates, on the other hand, we have Anna Yamada, the most popular girl in the class who in her own way is also a little strange, the anime you can enjoy it on Crunchyroll.