Kana Hanazawa

Fans criticize the price of a peculiar product by Kana Hanazawa

Kana Hanazawa” is one of the most talented seiyuu in the anime industry touring our present day, having performed a few roles for characters you are likely familiar with due to their enormous popularity in Japan. As such, her best known auditions are attributed to Mitsuri from “Kimetsu no Yaiba“, Mayuri in “Steins Gate” or Ichika in “Go-Toubun no Hanayome” to give some of the many examples that are known. Undoubtedly, a more than fascinating career.

Anyway, very recently, it was made known through the official account of “Kana Hanazawa” in the social network of “X” about a spectacular announcement, her twentieth anniversary, which would consecrate her extensive career as a seiyuu in the animation industry. And what better to celebrate it than with new clothes on her? That’s why the famous dubbing actress, decided to hold a promotion so that fans can purchase a new sukajan jacket in case they wish to dress up in the greatest Japanese style.

Networks rage over the price of sukajan sold by Kana Hanazawa!

Los Fanáticos Critican El Precio Del Sukajan De La Seiyuu Kana Hanazawa

Of course, this doesn’t seem like news out of the ordinary, except that the price listed for the new sukajan inspired by the popular seiyuu, “Kana Hanazawa“, costs around 66,000 yen, or approximately 441 U.S. dollars at the exchange rate. At first glance, it seems like something expensive that, really, few people in the anime industry could or would be willing to pay even considering the level of fanaticism latent in the publication that, currently, gathers more than 3000 thousand likes to date.

But what’s this “sukajan” everyone seems to be talking about? In case you are not aware of the definition, sukajan (souvenir) is known in the country of Japan as a kind of jacket, coming from “suka” which means Yokosuka, referring to the region, while “jan” could be due to a garment in the Japanese dialect. Of course, the major feature of these attractive garments are their artistic designs that stand out to the eye and generally, they usually represent the culture of the place.

Kana Hanazawa” is a great enthusiast of the peculiar garments that made a huge reputation in the fashion world, as can be seen in this video posted through her Youtube channel. In it, the popular seiyuu tells us a little more about the collaboration with the store specializing in such garments, “MIKASA” to explain how the design of the original sukajan that would put on sale for its twentieth anniversary, as mentioned above, was carried out.

Unfortunately, the price of this sukajan inspired by “Kana Hanazawa” to celebrate its 20th anniversary, would not go unnoticed by fans, who would be displeased with the high cost of the garment as we can notice in certain comments: “It’s great, but too expensive!” “I want it, but the price is too high for me!” “I’m surprised to see that this sukajan is worth the same as a rent!” “A real scandal!” What do you think of this matter?

Knowing how detailed some sukajan can be in the industry, the design seems simpler than usual. While the price may be more or less justified due to the cost and production time these boast, most sukajan garments tend to cost between $300 to $400 USD, and sometimes more. So, in all honesty, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to sell “Kana Hanazawa“, plus, you have to consider the special occasion of an anniversary, something unique.

Los Fanáticos Critican El Precio Del Sukajan De La Seiyuu Kana Hanazawa