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Fall in love with One Piece’s Yamato in this realistic version

There is no doubt that in addition to its fabulous story and characters, One Piece stands out for having very beautiful waifus and handsome husbandos that enchant its fans. Such is the case of Yamato, who is also known as “Princess Oni“. Not only does she have great physical strength, but she definitely has an obvious beauty that makes anyone fall in love. If you’ve ever wondered what Yamato would look like outside of One Piece, continue reading this article and we’ll show you.

Princess Oni from One Piece comes to life as an attractive girl

One Piece Yamato1
One Piece Yamato2

The user mysmartarts was the one who shared with us through Instagram these incredible images where we see Yamato wearing an outfit that simulates a student uniform; with a white shirt, a short skirt in an orange/reddish tone, a black tie and a bag of the same color. As accessories she has gold hoop earrings and a black choker. She has her characteristic horns on her head, which are gold in color with red tips. Her hair keeps its gray color with water green tips that we already know from the anime.

Yes we can find quite a few differences between this realistic version with the version within One Piece, since the outfit that Yamato normally wears a white sleeveless blouse with some details and a red hakama, the hakamas, are these long pants that Japanese nobles wore in ancient times and whose primary function was to protect the legs. Let’s remember that originally this garment was a kimono to which some modifications were made to make it look as it does today.

One Piece Yamato3

In this adaptation shared in networks, it is set in a classroom, so it makes sense to have modified her original clothes to match the theme. Despite these differences in attire, she maintains the colors and significant elements that distinguish her, so it is more than evident that this is Yamato. Her fair complexion and light eyes (which, unlike the animated version, here are green instead of brown), result in the portrait of an extremely attractive woman.

And this is how the users expressed it in the comments with mentions like “[…] what a beauty, you work better every day”, “Wonderful, without taking anything away from the other beauties of One Piece, for me she is the most beautiful”, as well as many emojis of heart and surprise that show that they were very pleased with the result of these images.

One Piece Yamato4
One Piece Yamato5

Yamato is recognized as the strongest woman in One Piece, even though she does not fully identify as one, since she adopted the name of Oden who was a man and often referred to himself as such. And although this identity as Oden, every day takes more strength, he has not left aside his personality as Yamato, rather he refers to it as “his other name”. She doesn’t like to be mistaken with her name and will most likely correct you if you make a mistake. She is a person of great resilience and determination, willing to take risks to protect the people she cares about.

She is the daughter of the former emperor Kaido and is not human, her species is an Oni, which are these giant humanoids with great strength and characterized by their enmity towards humans. Yamato consumed the devil fruit Inu Inu: Okuchi no Makami model, a zoan-type devil fruit that allows her to transform into a divine wolf, as well as a mixture between a human and this animal. Kaido is a character with a rather interesting story and many elements that appeal to One Piece fans.