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Dungeon Meshi: Marcille Donato Does amazing achievment on Internet

Incredible, fans have gone crazy after discovering that in Dungeon Meshi (Delicious in Dungeon) Marcille Donato has more than 30 different hairstyles throughout the series. After observing so much, Japanese fans have realized that the charismatic Elf has had exactly 36 different hairstyles throughout the chapters of this animated adaptation, so the networks have echoed this situation. In addition, with this number she would be very close to reach the record held by Bulma from Dragon Ball.

Marcille Donato of Dungeon Meshi stands out in networks for the number of hairstyles she wears in the series.

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In a recent update of Japanese forums and some threads on the Twitter/X social network, it has been presented the interesting fact about Marcille Donato from Dungeon Meshi, the intelligent Elf very good in the magical arts, has used more than 36 different hairstyles within the chapters of the animated adaptation. These can be seen in the image above, leaving her very close to the record set by Bulma, a character from Dragon Ball, who throughout the many episodes of this series has worn 66 different hairstyles.

Fans have expressed positively to praise the beauty of the character and some data of the animated adaptation: “There are many who choose in each chapter something new, it’s amazing”, “I heard that her hairstyle changes every day in the manga, plus there are still chapters to see”, “The charm of Marcille is that her hairstyle change is not only something aesthetic, but also her expressions go according, could it be that her hairstyles show her mood? They agree that this is an impressive detail on the part of the author, besides being very cute.

That’s 36 hairstyles that dazzle elven beauty, how many are waiting for us in the next season of Dungeon Meshi, we can only watch the next updates of the franchise (or read the manga) as the weeks go by. This kind of characters become outstanding because of the love they have been offered by their authors, drawing those hairstyles is not an easy task and designing a new one every chapter isn’t either. If you want to take a look at this hot topic, you can do it here.

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Girls in anime have always been praised for their refreshing appearance in terms of their design, the drawing style and the way the mangaka uses his designs will give a satisfactory result or not, depending on it. Dungeon Meshi is an example of a series that can stand out with a very simple premise, but that catches its viewers, will Marcille be one of the female characters of the season, she is usually seen next to Frieren from Sousou no Frieren because of their resemblance, both being elves and outstanding in their works. Recently, the long-awaited second season of the anime has been announced, something we have detailed in this note.

It is that the character of Marcille Donato, a wizard class elf, who is someone very intelligent and capable, although she possesses fears, such as doing things that may go out of her ideals; eating monsters and performing black magic rituals. A character focused on trusting his companions and respecting them. His greatest fears begin with his elven blood, living so long his fear is of losing the people he loves, including his precious dungeon companions, who are like his family.

The story of Dungeon Meshi, meanwhile, introduces us to a fantasy world based on Dungeons and Dragons, where groups of adventurers covet an unimaginable treasure called the “Golden Realm”. Therefore a group of six adventurers who venture into a certain dungeon where when facing a red dragon lose one of its members, which only remains to rescue from the bowels of the monster. Her companions leave the group in fear, leaving only three of them… to their bad luck, the remaining group does not have enough supplies, what will they do now? Eat monster meat! Beginning with the plot of these dungeon chefs.

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