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Dragon Ball Z has the best animation of its time, fans say

We all know Dragon Ball Z, we remember its way of carrying the plot in each of its arcs, unrepeatable fights with scenes that make the hair stand on end. Something that marks it as one of the best series in history, this time, fans remark the animation of the series, exclaiming about it as the best there could be in its time, but, is this true?

Dragon Ball Z animation is considered one of the best of its time.

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In a recent publication in the social network Twitter/X by the user “@tachibanasan0“, who highlights in his own words the animation of the series. More specifically, the battle of Son Goku against Vegeta in his Majin version, claiming that this has a beautiful fight animation that, only the Dragon Ball Z franchise has and that few series of the time had.

Fans add to this publication commenting different opinions, but when reviewing some comments you can notice the complete support to the words of the author of the post, many say that he still has the recordings of the series when they were children, highlighting that it always had an animation that, even if you stop it, you can notice in every corner the art of the animators.

The studio in charge of making this artistic feat is the old acquaintance of Toei Animation, who is also in charge of the One Piece series, which at that time was the studio with the most prestige in terms of quality animations that is still going strong in the new generations, with a certain announcement of the franchise that was made recently. A new Spin Off season for the series called Dragon Ball Daima, was recently announced, something we have covered in detail in this note on our page.

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A real battle fought between a Vegeta possessed by anger and the desire for power, against a Goku who has returned from the dead to help his friends. This battle is well remembered by fans, as the pride of these saiyayins is at stake. Having a quality animation, different from its predecessor, Dragon ball Super, but that is another topic.

The series shows us the various adventures and misadventures of Goku, starting with the sudden visit of his brother Raditz, the invasion of the saiyayins to earth, to an epic battle for earth against an organism called Cell, who has insurmountable power. The series constantly changes its focus, taking the point of view of Gohan in his adolescence, having sad, happy, funny and very tense chapters. A series that has no introduction, we all know it in some way and that with its animation amazed the anime world in a positive way.

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